Migration announced evacuation of about 4,000 homes in Baghdad and the rapist returned to their owners

Wednesday, 07 k 1 2011 08:55 GMT

Ministry of Displacement and Migration

Alsumaria News / Baghdad

The Ministry of Displacement and Migration, Wednesday, to evacuate about 4,000 homes in Baghdad and the rapist returned to their rightful owners, as they pointed to the government grant was distributed to Iraqi families stationed in Lebanon.

The Director General of the Department of Public Branches in the ministry Mohammed purity in a statement released today, and received "Sumerian News" copy "," The migration evacuated about 4,000 residential home rapist return to families displaced and displaced in the cutters Karkh and Rusafa in Baghdad, "noting that" evacuation It was under the Diwani (101 / o) issued by the Prime Minister's Office and private homes to evacuate the squatters displaced from it. "

The Cabinet has formed a special committee under the command Diwani No. (101) in 2008 consisting of the Ministry of Displacement and Migration and the Baghdad Operations Command and the prime minister and the National Reconciliation Commission and the Department of Real Estate Registration for the purpose of the return of property usurped for families displaced and the displaced, which include residential buildings.

The purity of the "number of families that have returned to their homes residential Karkh was 2820, while the total number in the Rusafa district 1103 families," pointing out that "the return of residential homes comes within the strategic plan developed by the ministry to lift the suffering of the citizens and help them to return voluntarily to their places of origin. "

In another context, he stated that the purity of "the ministry and the government grant was distributed to Iraqi families stationed in Lebanon registered with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in cooperation with the Iraqi embassy in Beirut."

For his part, said the spokesman of the Ministry of Displacement and Migration Haider Moussawi said, "The ministry has sent a special committee for the distribution of financial grants to those families," explaining that "the number of beneficiaries of the grant total 1360 refugee families and $ 400 per family and $ 200 per person is not married" .

He pointed to al-Moussawi said that "the Commission is not the last that will be sent to countries where there are Iraqis, since the Ministry has sent several committees to Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt for the distribution of funds to the displaced families."

Iraq has witnessed one of the largest voluntary return movements in the past three years is estimated at 500 thousand from returning to their areas of origin, whether they were displaced from areas inside Iraq or outside, while collaborating United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees with the Iraqi government to support the displaced persons and returnees with urgent needs.

According to statistics of the Federation of Iraqi refugees, about five thousand Iraqi refugees were forced during the past four years, to return to Iraq is forced through the civilian and military aircraft, handed over by the officials at airports in Iraq.

The Ministry of Displacement and Migration, the committee in November 2010, that the file of the displaced and returning Iraqis at home and abroad will decide the end of 2011, as announced in May 2011, for an amount of four million dinars for each family displaced want to return to their places of domicile, as well as carrying travel expenses for Iraqis wishing to return to the country, at the same time unexpected return of 40 thousand Iraqi family to the country during the current year, while confirming that it deals with all Iraqis, regardless of political affiliation.

Referred to the High Commissioner for Refugees of the United Nations declared in a report, mid-June 2010, to around 960 thousand and 400 displaced inside Iraq have returned to their home areas during the period between 2008 and April of the year 2010, and returned more than 70 thousand Iraqis who fled out of Iraq for the same period.

The report UNHCR High Commissioner for Refugees of the United Nations indicates that some 222 thousand Iraqi refugees registered with are still in Iraq's neighboring countries, pointing out that about 165 thousand of them are registered in Syria, 32 thousand others in Jordan, while distributed the rest to Turkey Egypt, Iran and Lebanon.