Council of Ministers: approval of the budget of 2012 $ 100 Mllardolar
06/12/2011 9:00
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"Iraq's gate," said the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, the Council voted today on the draft budget in 2012, worth $ 100 billion.
The Secretary-General of the Council on the Keywords, said that "Iraqi Council of Ministers today voted, the draft budget that the year 2012, which amounted to 117 trillion Iraqi dinars, the equivalent of $ 100 billion," noting that "the proportion of the budget deficit amounted to 17 trillion dinars, equivalent to $ 14.5 billion. "
The Finance Committee of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, the committee in (11/30/2011), that the balance of 2012 will reach the parliament through (this week), after the Ministry of Finance reduced the proportion of the deficit and the adoption rate of 85 dollars per barrel of oil, while likely to reach the discount rate to 115 trillion dinars.
The speaker of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi, in (November 28, 2011), the need to expedite the completion of the annual budget for the coming year during a short period, stressing the need not to prejudice the rights of the provinces in pumping money into ventures and investments, as he emphasized the International Fund was working to reduce the and reduce the current budget in the budget for Iraq in 2012.
And Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, (November 16, 2011), that the budget for fiscal year 2012 will be forwarded to the parliament soon, adding that many countries agreed to implement the project on credit payment method.
The Iraqi Ministry of Planning announced (22 September 2011), that the financial budget for 2012, next will be between $ 112 and $ 120 billion, confirming that 35 percent were allocated to the budget of the investment, while the balance of 2011 the current 81.9 billion dollars deficit of $ 13.3 billion .