Complete withdrawal in 20 of the month

According to the Commission on Security and Defense Council of Representatives, on Tuesday, the Iraqi government informed her that the process of complete withdrawal of U.S. troops will be completed in 20 of the month.
The Vice-Chairman of the Committee and berries Iskandar told the Kurdish news agency that "the remaining U.S. forces, numbering 10 thousand troops would withdraw completely from Iraq in the final 20 of the month this December."

He explained that the Iraqi security forces "have the ability to grasp the reins of security after the departure of U.S. forces in case proceeded to change their security plans and activate the role of intelligence to follow the terrorist groups." He pointed out that "military operations must be changed and turned into a proactive operations targeting terrorist groups and the disintegration of its strength."
Iraq has signed and the United States in 2008, the strategic framework agreement to support the Iraqi ministries and agencies to move to a strategic partnership with the Republic of Iraq in the areas of economic, diplomatic, cultural and security, based on the Strategic Framework Agreement and to reduce the number of reconstruction teams in the provinces.