State law: 200 guards protecting the U.S. Embassy
On: Tue 6/12/2011 7:20

Baghdad / term
according to the Attorney for State of Law coalition Haider Abadi, that "will be agreed between the Iraqi government and the Government of the United States on the presence of 200 guards to guard the U.S. Embassy in Iraq."
Ebadi said: There is a global context with respect to embassies of Arab and foreign use of private security guards to protect the embassy not more than two hundred guard and this is known in many countries. "
He added that "there are some embassies use the Marines to protect them and there are other countries that use security companies to protect them, we do not know yet whether the U.S. Embassy will use the Marines to protect or security companies."

The U.S. forces will withdraw from Iraq by the end of this month according to the agreement signed between the two countries in 2008,
in the context of a second transfer of State of Law coalition led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on Monday, Iraq's refusal to be an arena for settling disputes, or that the territory starting point of any aggression toward Iran or the U.S. forces stationed there until the end of this year, pointing to stand on the fence on the relationship between Washington and Tehran.
The MP said the coalition, Hussein al-Asadi said that "Iraqi constitution clearly pointed to the lack of the possibility that Iraq may be the seat of aggression against any country from neighboring countries or the world , "noting that" Iraq refuses to be a springboard for aggression against any country, whether Iran or elsewhere. "
said Assadi that "Iraq as an independent state does not allow interference in its internal affairs, and it does not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries," adding that "Iraq refuses to be a springboard for aggression against U.S. forces stationed on its territory until the end of this year, or against the embassies in it, or nationals coming to Iraq. "
The MP for the coalition of state law that "any aggression against the citizens came to Iraq, officially from Iran or elsewhere, The aggression against the Iraqi state and interference in the matter of procedure, "asserting that" Iraq was and still standing in the neutral as to what the relationship between the United States and Iran, and refuses to be a party to the dispute or an arena for settling those differences. "
The Iranian army announced yesterday the first , that his forces shot down a U.S. drone of the type (RQ -) 170, east of the country, Iran has vowed to respond to the breach of the United States of its airspace, stressing that the response will exceed the border, hours after the declaration of the Iranian army shoot down U.S. drones east of the country.