This is from TempleJC - one good dude!!
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Thread: This is from TempleJC - one good dude!!

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    This is from TempleJC - one good dude!!

    OK guys - I got brave today - I was hearing about 1st Conv Bank and folk seeing a rate. So I have been to this bank in our town to buy VND - so I paid them a visit. At other times when I was there and got a print out all of the currancies about 100 or so had the buy and the sell rate - I asked them to put up the currancies screen and they did - they were all showing 0.00000. I got a print out and also got a picture.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks TempleJC!!


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    Awesome, Thanks 4 sharing....
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    xcellent....... well done

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    Thanks for bringing it here TempleJC....'preciate ya!!!

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