Economic analyst: Food prices to come down significantly


Author: the future of Iraq

05/12/2011 12:00

Baghdad / Iraq's future

Likely economic analyst Qais Al Mulla low commodity prices and food in local markets, ruling him to increase the rate of inflation during the coming period. Mulla said in a press statement yesterday that "the Iraqi market will see a significant decrease prices of food and goods in the coming period as a result of what Iraq is going through now growth Baktaih agricultural, industrial, and differently from what it was in the past and this is what will lead to low inflation and not to rise in the coming period. He pointed out that "the indicators relied upon by the Central Agency for Statistics and Information Technology to increase or decrease the rate of inflation is the set of goods and services and the food basket of the consumer, Any impact on the prices of these materials will affect the inflation rate in Iraq. and the Mullah: The reasons for the increased rate of inflation during this period to rise Albahi real estate prices and this is what the impact and a big increase in inflation in Iraq. He said economic analyst: an increase in the rate of inflation in the Iraq in the coming period, there are fiscal and monetary policies Emtemtlten the Central Bank and Ministry of Finance, referring to: that the central bank to take action by reducing the credit for pushing inflation signs that appear on the market.