An article for the owners in the Washington Post: Iraq's stability after the withdrawal of U.S. forces was a major concern for both our countries
Ali Abdullah - 06/12/2011 AD - 12:18 AM
Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, in an article written and published today by The Washington Post, U.S. We stand on the threshold of an important turning point in US-Iraqi relationship, referring to the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq by the end of this year.

He said Maliki, who will travel to Washington next week at the invitation of President Barack Obama that "Iraq's stability after the withdrawal of U.S. forces was a major concern for both our countries. And I'm confident of the capacity of our security forces to help the U.S. if necessary.

He went on to say that al-Maliki to establish a strong relationship between our two countries is vital. In the coming months, we must focus on the growing economic interdependence, as well as education, culture and science.

He said progress has been made in Iraq in the process of state building. And we are working on building more than a million housing units for low-income families, and I look forward to seeing construction cranes in the sky of Baghdad spread.

He stressed that the struggle for the reconstruction is no less difficult than the struggle for security. We are working to break through the barriers that hinder investment so that they can make this vision a reality. I am working hard with the investment we have to ensure the rights of foreign investors and create an enabling environment for investment.

He spoke about democracy in the article said, we have strived to develop a new democracy in Iraq on the right track, and challenges remain. That the political process and the relations between the various political parties continues to evolve. And disagreements still surround the political composition of the Iraqi state. But I think it can be solved by expanding the powers of the provinces with the adherence to the unity of the state. He added that disputes relating to our Constitution must be resolved through political means.

Maliki said the recent arrests, stressing that announced earlier that the outlawed Baath Party in Iraq working to destroy the country and seeks to conspiracies and coups, and pointed out that hundreds of Baathists suspects were arrested in recent times, has been the release of some detainees, while others are awaiting trial. And those who remain in detention throwing equitable treatment under Iraqi law.

He said that those arrested are from all parts of Iraq, and I refute described the arrests as sectarian has taken these steps to protect democracy in Iraq