******Economist calls for House on the need to enact economic laws ****** Today at 6:21 am

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Economist calls for House on the need to enact economic laws
Date: Tuesday, 06-12-2011 02: 02 pm

Baghdad (newsletter).Economist Nabil called Shaukat need special trip aimed at enhancing economic laws that serve the general interest of the Iraqi people and meet their aspirations for development of the country's economic structure.
And Shaukat reporter (News Agency news) Tuesday: that the Iraqi Government enacted various laws, while they ignore the economic laws that have great importance in the service of the Iraqi people.
He noted: there are several laws still on the "shelf" House is not driven by political blocs is the local product protection act and the law of the infrastructure and other such laws, when enacted will play an important role in economic revitalisation of the movement in all productive sectors and service thus reflect a positive benefit of the people.
All local economists akedo in earlier statements (News News Agency): that Iraq needed to activate these laws at present because of their importance to the future of the Iraqi economy./finished 12 l. m/