********* Cabinet approves draft law on fund imports of oil and gas province Today at 3:20 pm

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PUKmedia Erbil 12/05/2011 18:31:05

Headed by Dr. Barham Ahmed Saleh, President of the Kurdistan Regional Government and the presence of Azad Berwari Deputy Prime Minister, the Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan Region, today Monday, 05/12, a meeting in which he highlighted the development of the Kurdistan Region after the events of Zakho recently, and discussed the draft Law Fund and the imports of oil and gas province of Kurdistan .

At the outset of the meeting expressed the Council of Ministers deplored the violence that accompanied the recent events in the city of Zakho, and that some vandals attacked the shops, hotels and public facilities and burned, and then setting fire to several places of the Islamic Union of Kurdistan, and try to export the chaos and burning public places to the regions and other cities and repeat the same work .

He described the Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan Region such acts as an alarm bell on the security situation and the peaceful coexistence of the components in the Kurdistan Region, stressing not to let that happen, expensive security institutions concerned to take measures required to prevent such acts and addressed legally.

The meeting discussed the visit of the President of the Kurdistan Region to Zakho, Dohuk and meeting with segments of society in this region, where he called the Christian Brothers and Alasideon the position of President of the region to protect their rights and their lives, the position is important.

He called the Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan Region in meeting all the citizens of the Kurdistan Region and the political parties to support the government and the parties concerned to calm the situation and thwart the intentions of terrorists, and not affect badly on the political situation in the Kurdistan Region and the lives of people.

It also was assigned to the concerned authorities to respond to acts of terrorists and maintain the property and the lives of people and public places, and taking into account the feeling of the people, customs and traditions.

The Council of Ministers approved at a meeting on the draft law on fund imports of oil and gas province of Kurdistan, according to this bill will be the formation of a supreme body to monitor the imports of oil and gas, and summed up its functions in the registration of the total imports of oil and gas province of Kurdistan, and the annual audit of the movement of all such imports, and the announcement of statistics of the Fund in accordance with the specifications of the global accounting firms.

According to the draft law also, receiving the Fund and oil and gas imports and all imports give companies and the sale of petroleum products and imports of oil contracts signed with international companies, in addition to open a special account of the Fund.

In another aspect of the meeting was the ratification of the founding Board of Governors of natural areas, to preserve the environment and those areas where the living and plants threatened with extinction, according to that system, the said Council determining these places and areas that need to protect, to preserve the environment of Kurdistan healthy environment variety.