Iraq's budget recognizes the value of $ 100 billion in 2012
05/12/2011 14:23

Baghdad, 5 December / December (Rn) - The adviser in the Iraqi government on Monday that the Council of Ministers voted in its emergency meeting today on the budget in 2012.

The Economic Adviser to the government of Salam Quraishi, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "The Iraqi government approved in its emergency meeting on the budget in 2012 by $ 100 billion (about 117 trillion Iraqi dinars) and a deficit of up to $ 13.5 billion (about 17 trillion dinars)."

He added that the budget in 2012 focused on the energy sector and oil in the first stage and then the security sector and then the education sector, education and health.

Quraishi said that the Iraqi government adopted a base price of $ 85 oil and oil exports volume 2.625 million barrels per day next year.
"We expect the government through the differences in oil prices that cover more than $ 10 billion from the deficit."