Parliament: the involvement of the private sector has become necessary in the investment process of the country
05/12/2011 | (Voice of Iraq)

Baghdad (news)
Okdedo Finance Committee representative and the representative / coalition in Iraq / Ibrahim al-Mutlaq, the need to involve the private sector in the investment process of the country. Mutlaq said in a statement to the Agency (news) Monday: it is necessary to activate the private sector and involvement in the investment process for the country to take its role in the process of building and reconstruction of the country, through the support of small and medium-sized and delivered to the Iraqi private sector. He said al-Mutlaq: the state were not able to invest unless you sector private sectors and is supported by all the necessary fact that the Iraqi budget is still dependent on oil in the annual expenditure. and did when he called: that there is a range of obstacles that block the foreign investor, especially in the legislation on investment they impede the investment process in the country, calling to: facilitate the work of investors in order to encourage them to enter the Iraqi environment. and Zkredo Finance Committee representative investor can adapt to work in the investment environment safe in order to ensure their rights and are not subjected his money at risk. Earlier, rule out a member of the economic and parliamentary deputy / National Alliance / Hussain Abtan for a financial and administrative corruption in the private sector when it is involvement in the process of economic development of the country, calling for: the need to develop regulations and laws when activating the private sector. said Abtan in a statement (the Agency news): It is difficult a financial and administrative corruption when activating the private sector but it will eliminate the rampant corruption in general government sector, because it depends on the competition and the reputation of the company or organization operating, stressing that if activated will be a catalyst for economic development process in the country. The Abtan the need to develop guidelines and conditions when activating the private sector to be done orderly, and trying to achieve a strong national economy.

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