Iraqi List: Do not sign any agreement without the pledge to drive Iraq from Chapter VII
Monday, 05 December-December 2011 13:16

Called the Iraqi List, the government not to sign any agreement during the upcoming negotiations with the American side without a pledge and commitment to drive Iraq from an item of Chapter VII, the adviser said the list Hani Ashour said no agreement had expected the government with the U.S. administration on military cooperation and keep the trainers means that Iraq does not enjoy sovereignty and national unless it is out of Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations,
and noted that the security agreement between Iraq and the United States being the withdrawal in the light and the strategic framework agreement for cooperation is not executed fully Bnodahma, and the Iraqi government to reveal all the facts of its people ahead of any new agreement on military cooperation and the development of Iraqi forces after the withdrawal, recall that the Iraqi bloc white demanded the U.S. administration to work to remove Iraq from Chapter VII compensation for the failure to resolve the Iraqi files during the years of occupation, and said the bloc is high Nassif The management of Presidents Obama and Bush Jr. Okhvgueta in solving any of the files the Iraqi mission since the year two thousand and three and to this day, both at the domestic or international, said: that America, which occupies Iraq for nine years, has taken the role of spectator at the excesses of neighboring countries to Iraq's sovereignty by land, sea and air, we did not see including any sign of adherence to moral obligation and custom political and military toward the state that occupies and showed Nassif, what hope for Iraqis today is to make the Obama administration's diplomatic efforts towards removing Iraq from Chapter VII of money to have completed a good job and one is in the interest of Iraq Meanwhile, said leader of the Islamic Supreme Council of Jalal al-Saghir that the administration plans to take control of Iraqi institutions following completion of the withdrawal and said in a statement to the Baghdadi News that the U.S. plans to control all the resources of Iraq and its economy and its cultural heritage, stressing the penetration of the Americans in state institutions, calling for the blocks political vigilance and caution before entering into any agreements with the U.S. administration and the adoption of a unified political vision to ensure a better future for Iraq. The Jalaluddin al-Saghir the need to strengthen security and intelligence services in the light of the challenges facing the region as a whole.