Ashour: Iraq government must bind US to annul Chapter VII sanctions before withdrawal

Monday, December 05, 2011 14:18 GMT
Iraqiya List advisor Hany Ashour urged Iraqi government on Monday to abstain from concluding any agreement with the United States before receiving a commitment that ends UN Charter chapter VII sanctions on Iraq. Chapter VII prevents the recuperation of Iraq’s sovereignty following the expected US withdrawal by the end of the current month, Ashour declared.

“According to Iraqi government, the security agreement concluded with Washington in 2008 which set the timeline of US troops’ withdrawal from Iraq at the end of 2011 was intended to release Iraq from Chapter VII clause,” Ashour told a statement issued on Monday which Alsumarianews received a copy of. “Nothing changed and security agreement’s clauses as well as the strategic framework agreement were not fully executed,” he added, a source told Alsumaria.

“US troops’ withdrawal does not imply the recuperation of Iraq’s full sovereignty as long as the country is still subject to UN Charter Chapter VII,” Ashour indicated calling Iraqi government to “abstain from concluding any agreement during upcoming negotiations with the US without prior commitment to end chapter VII sanctions within a determined timeline.”
“Iraqi government should expose all facts to the Iraqi people before engaging in any new agreement with the US Administration regarding US trainers, military cooperation and Iraqi forces’ state after the withdrawal of US military,” Ashour revealed. “The government should also bind the US party to end Chapter VII sanctions over Iraq,” he stressed.
Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-Moon incited Iraq, on November 16, 2010, to fulfill its commitments towards Kuwait especially regarding UN’s resolution number 833 concerning borders’ demarcation in order to annul provisions of UN’s chapter VII. The International Security Council for its part decided, on December 2010, to maintain immunity over Iraqi money and extend Oil revenues’ deposit in UN’s development fund for Iraq until the end of 2011. This situation implicates that the execution of sanctions on Iraq is carried on by virtue of Chapter VII.

UN Charter Chapter VII includes 13 articles. Resolution number 678 of the year 1990 which calls Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait is one of the chapter’s clauses. Iraq is still facing chapter VII sanctions because of the issue of Kuwaiti prisoners and missing citizens’ remains in Iraq as well as Kuwaiti properties.