Researcher calls for private banks to develop marketing mechanisms

Friday, 02 December-December 2011 12:49

Called for an economic researcher of private banks to adopt the modern mechanisms for marketing their services. The researcher said the banking Farouk Ramadan's / agency Baghdadiya News / that "the private banks search for new ways to market banking services, pointing out that the banking awareness to the public is still limited since Vkaddo trust banks government and private alike.
and Ramadan that some private banks are using advanced technologies as the private banks before the government electronic service, but Almkhlh in the poor turnout. The Ramadan said that the private banks to develop awareness of the banking and banking culture that must start from the children and encourage them to save. He pointed to the lack of awareness of banking includes government departments and senior staff who Ihtfdon without depositing their money in banks, just like some of the big capitalists, he said.