Mountain Goat

Mountain Goat – Dinar Guru   Do they have to RV to make the budget work?  If you take what the prime minister told us about the dropping of the zeros…in an April 2023 article, we can see that taking the 1320 rate and dropping the 3 zeros makes it $1.32. If we take the 6.5 billions dinars allocated for the new pipeline construction it is actually about $4.9 billion dollars.  If we divide 6.5 / 4.9 we get 1.32…is this a coincidence? Can you see now why I am so excited...WOW! WOW1 WOW! …Many believe it is not coincidental and so I agree…Do they need the change in rate to build the pipeline? What about the other projects too like the 7 new refineries?  …if it does they will have to get their act in gear real soon, as they also told us they plan to begin this new pipeline now NOT in 2025.

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