Mountain Goat

Mountain Goat – Dinar Guru  This month I believe is going to be a critical month for us investors…  Article:  “CENTRAL BANK: THE ISSUANCE OF NEW MONETARY DENOMINATIONS WILL NOT AFFECT THE DINAR EXCHANGE RATE”  I would consider this “WOW!” news.  Quote:  “… the issuance of new cash denominations, large or small, will not affect the dinar exchange rate.”   If the CBI drops the zeros (project to delete the zeros) the rate of the dinar will remain the same in-country of Iraq.  It only changes when the reinstatement back to FOREX occurs…the value is already in the dinar… only the rate, right now, does not reflect the true rate… Why…on May 27th did the CBI make this announcement about the issuance   of newer lower denominations?   Could they be heading into June for the redenomination of the three zero notes?

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