Fnu Lnu

Fnu Lnu – Dinar Guru  I have heard repeatedly, ad nauseam, about bank redemption centers being trained to recognize counterfeit Dinar…There is no such training being done…PERIOD! …De La Rue provides…computerized equipment that will authenticate and verify banknotes for 140 different countries. No human eye can be trained to see the hidden security  substrate and embedded features…One merely needs to be able to feed currency into a machine and it will do the rest…The banks  have been using this machinery for years and have been well trained to do so. There is NO training going on.

BGG ~ While the first half of this post may well be true (likely as not), I beg to differ on the last half. It’s COMPLETELY INACCURATE (and IGNORANT of the facts). There is NO SUCH THING AS AN AUTOMATED AUTHENTICATION PROTOCOL FOR THE IQD (per the De La Rue engineers – PERIOD). They don’t own that division anymore. It’s a group well known in the US as Cash Systems. Look it up.

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