Breitling – Dinar Guru  Question: “When Iraq puts value on its currency will it start out at .40 cents, .50 cents?  I’ve heard they want to get it to a dollar.”  That’s exactly what they want to do.  At a minimum they want to get it to $1.17.  Remember parliament, The Ministry of Planning, The Ministry of Finance wrote a letter to the IMF – ‘can you help us get our currency back to $3.25‘.  ‘Absolutely we can help you do that.‘  But it’s a process…the .50 cents and above – where that came from is what do they need to have a GDP that can maintain the country and help it grow at a healthy 4% per year and…help expand their markets.  At the point I was doing that math (it might have changed a little bit) it was like .58 cents.  The best math we could come up with.

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