Dinar Investor – Jeff

Dinar Investor – Jeff    …Donald Trump told us that the US government has approximately $35 Billion US dollars worth of Iraq dinar in the US reserves.  Plus we the investors all hold dinar.  Once we go to exchange it through banks and brokers who will eventually turn it to the US Treasury.  And all the dinar we have will make it back to the US reserves…what does that mean?  As the dinar begins to strengthen and gain value its gonna strengthen the value of the US dollar…right now the US is in one of its worst economic positions it’s ever been.  All of our financial markets are crashing…the dow this week reached 19,000 points…you would think with how collapsed the US economy is right now that the value of the US dollar would also be down…As of last night the value of the US dollar went above 102 cents…It’s at its highest point in three years…this should confirm a lot for you where we’re at right now.

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