Kaperoni – Dinar Guru  Currency auctions are based on a “balance” of dinar to dollars. In fact, the recent weeks have seen a significant increase in dollar sales, therefore the CBI has to inject dinar to balance it.  That is why you also see an increase in recent weeks in the money supply of dinar...its the balance of the two that maintains the exchange rate and the stability of the spread is a IMF requirement.  [ 2 percent 90 days yes Yes, they are in compliance, but that is because they are maintaining a balance of dinar to dollar…so there is no way to significantly reduce the money supply (either dinar or dollars) under the current system.  If they reduced the dollars, they could in theory also reduce the dinar but it must be a balance or the exchange rate and spread would change and if you reduced the dollars it would create issues since they need dollars for foreign exchange.  It is complicated and their are many aspects you need to consider…it is not a simple, reduce the money and RV

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