Adam Montana

Adam Montana – Dinar Guru   Article:  “Iran desperately attempts to retain hold on Iraq”  …One great example of what’s going on in the background – the stuff we don’t see on the news…Iran is obviously making a last ditch effort to hold ground.  Quote:  “Iran on Sunday offered its full support for new Iraqi prime minister Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi and reiterated its backing for the government’s demand for US forces to leave the country.”  Does anyone think Iran is going to win this ultimatum? I do not. Especially not with Allawi at the helm, who is presumably approved by greater powers than Iran. This is precisely why Iran is making their last ditch, desperate attempt to gain footing… and it looks like a failed attempt from the start.  If Iran has any success whatsoever in this attempt, we are going to see it immediately. I can’t wait to see this Iranian attempt fall on it’s face!

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