MilitiaMan – Dinar Guru    The  table is about to be set. Trade deal inked with Iraq and China already, then the Cookie gets Icing next week with the USA and China trade deal too. I don’t know for sure, but I have a strong feeling there is no coincidence’s about these to events taking place now.  Even the CBI has told us they reduced the note count, they even show in their spread sheets on the Arabic side (per Delta) that they have paid for the recent new printing of money to the tune of approximately $190 million +- over the last year or so. There were and are videos…that showed the process of what they are doing with the large notes. They were and may still be destroying them…In the video they were not showing worn and torn notes. They were showing good quality 25k notes and in very large quantities. The CBI website shows in the Charts the reduction. Charts on that site are for international use and they are extremely accurate for many reasons too

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