Adam Montana

Adam Montana – Dinar Guru    The players and groups that have an interest in keeping the exchange rate as it is are not a huge group. The “bad” part of the Government of Iraq isn’t the majority…And it appears that change is happening now. Since early October, there have been serious protests in Iraq, and the pressure has resulted in Iraq moving towards some changes that (in hindsight) have been necessary this whole time.  A few of the “bad guys” aren’t going to be happy, and they will put up some resistance still, but they will fall to the side and Iraq’s currency will not stay in the “XXXX:1” rangeThe question has always been “when”, not “if”.   Over the recent years, Iraq has been at a tipping point. SO CLOSE, all the time!  In hindsight, what was needed is obvious. And it’s happening right now.   [post 4 of 4]

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