Dinar Investor – Jeff

Dinar Investor – Jeff    So now as we progress through the first half of the year…again they were not working on the formation of the government at all.  What they did January to the end of June was set the post rate change stage for the country of Iraq.  The stage had to set in 2 ways…the first half of the stage was set for the country of Iraq and that was January through the end of June.  Then as we transition into July, that’s when you started seed boat loads of articles talking about Article 140, the HCL & Kurds meeting with Baghdad.  All of that was Iraq setting the post rate change stage for the citizens and then they even brought cleaning up the corruption into the mix too.  Don’t worry about that..that will all get done in due time, it’s not a problem.  But, you can’t have your big event…until you’ve got your stage set.  That’s what you’re waiting on.   [post 2 of 3]

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