Mountain Goat

Mountain Goat – Dinar Guru    First what did the Parliament tell us way back in March 2019 about the dinar?  I quote from the article – “THE COMMITTEE WILL MOVE DURING THE CURRENT LEGISLATIVE TERM TOWARDS CHANGING THE FISCAL AND MONETARY POLICY IN THE COUNTRY in general,”  So from this news from parliament in March they planned to get the dinar reform done within the first legislative term. This term is just now ending.  It was supposed to end way back at the end of June but was delayed and they extending the session until now.   So technically the session can continue right up until September 3rd, even though members may now be physically in the house and on recess.  We see the next term starting on September 3rd. Is this maybe a window of opportunity for us to see some progress in the dinar reinstatement or will they postpone it to the 2nd legislative term?

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