Mountain Goat

Mountain Goat – Dinar Guru    Article quote:  “…the delegation of the Security Council, which visited Baghdad yesterday DID NOT DISCUSS THE ISSUE OF LIFTING IRAQ FROM CHAPTER VII.”  …this is BIG…We just learned that Iraq is not “fully” out of Chapter VII.  It is the provisions to repay Kuwait. But didn’t Kuwait accept a deal to repay with gas sent from Iraq? Isn’t Iraq even building a pipeline to do so So we see all of this must be recognized still by the UN security council and they voted on to lift “all” of Chapter VII sanctionsSo yes, this could be part of the holdup in letting the reinstatement goBut why are they bringing this up now?  They are bringing this up now because the Sadr movement want to move ahead and do the reinstatement and get the CBI to complete the project to delete the zeros. Not wait any longer…  But there are pieces to this that still must be clean up.

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