Adam Montana

Adam Montana – Dinar Guru   Interesting times right now. GOI members are playing very nicely… The G20 didn’t produce any immediately exciting news that I’ve ran across, but it didn’t bring us anything bad either. Back in the news, and worth a review, is the current OPEC agreement. Article:  “OPEC deal important for oil market stability: Iraqi PM”   Important notes in that article: 1. Iraq is the 2nd largest oil producer in OPEC. (Does it make sense that it’s currency is valued so low?) 2.  The production limitation agreement has been extended for 9 months – to boost the price of oil, rather than overproduce and drive the prices down.  The amount of time the agreement has been extended isn’t as important as the mere fact that it IS extended.  Oil is hovering just under that $60 mark, and the stability is a great thing. Stable oil prices = comfortable accountants = solid footing to RV. (Yes, the accountants have a say!)  [post 1 of 3]

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