Mountain Goat

Mountain Goat – Dinar Guru   Article:  “IRAQ’S OIL MINISTER DISCUSSES PLANS TO STRENGTHEN ITS OIL INDUSTRY, DIVERSIFY ITS ECONOMY AND ATTRACT FOREIGN INVESTORS”  We know that 80% of Iraq’s economy is dependent on imports from Iran. Two of these major imports are electricity  and refined oil products.  OIL In the coming years Iraq has plans to be gas and oil (refined gasoline and diesel fuel) independent from Iran and other suppliers. The oil ministers says Iraq is trying to break away from the dependence on Iran for the supply of these items… ELECTRICITY:  We know that the German firm, Siemens and the American firm, General Electric both have major contracts with Iraq to bring up the war torn electric grid…  AGRICULTURE:  We also know that Iraq is working hard at being independent on agricultural products…  [post 1 of 2]

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