Adam Montana

Adam Montana – Dinar Guru    I spend hours every day researching and communicating with my people on the Iraqi Dinar, international business, asset protection, etc…There are people I work with who know how important it is to get me my information by Tuesday, and are extremely dedicated to their roles…  Today is short and sweet. There is nothing negative to report – Parliament is working, OIL is still going the right way, and my gut tells me they are just kicking a few last details around.   If something counter productive were to happen right now, I’d take a harder look at things… but that’s not the case.  Everything is lining up!  Parliament: still working, and working effectively. OIL: still moving towards $60, and doing it steadily.  The only thing we can ask for right now is that BOOM! HCL news.  Keep your heads on straight! This really feels like the home stretch.

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