MilitiaMan – Dinar Guru   Article: “Iraq, New Iranian Central Bank / “New currency” map is on its way?  As Frank is saying INTERNATIONALISM is the theme… Converting Dinar into other currencies like the Euro, Ryial, etc.. The AMF is having a meeting on Saturday in regard to Financial Developments.  Well what Financial Developments are staring at   WS  data imo is AMF / AAD – IMF / SDR 3x type of developments that need to be discussed. Kinda like a huddle just before executing the big play.. We shall see.. Shall we not? lol.  Is the NEW CURRENCY map on the way, mean the new currency of Iraq is being delivered or has been around the world? Keep in mind Iran told us they did a deal with electricity today and the payments are settled.. In other words past tense…imo.

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