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  1. Bonds?
  2. RV There Yet?
  3. Having trouble getting to the call recording
  4. December 18, 2013 - Four new laws in The Gazette (so far :-)
  5. Twas the Night Before RV
  6. Greed over Lay-A-Way "reserves" cause current problems
  7. IMF Article 8
  8. Kaperoni says NO RV until at least APRIL!!
  9. It would seem the chat room is down :(
  10. Agreements and Events to look for
  11. Where Iraq is really at today..
  12. Story telling ! Enjoy !
  13. Solid Information
  14. The agreement
  15. BBC seeks truth about TNT Tony
  17. Straight from Source.
  19. Exclusive for Love it 2
  20. Another Side To Iraq Which Has Not Been Reported On....
  21. The Smoke Which Shrowds the Reality of Things to Come...
  22. In His Own Timing...
  23. Couple of devil's advocate questions no one will answer
  24. Dave Schmidt
  25. The Seduction of Mankind Under the Guise of World Unity.... Who Will Lead It?...
  26. Maliki nearing end
  27. Expense of Re-Printing the Iraqi Dinar at the Same Value
  28. Where Does Iraqi Dinar Electronic Currency Come From?
  29. Regarding TNT Conference Call of April 11th
  30. Division Through Politics, Religion, and Economics.. Where It Is All Leading....
  31. CBI not showing rates against Euro, Pound or Canadian Dollar
  32. Cbiiq
  33. Gbp
  34. New to Dinar Community - Question as a new guy
  35. Stryker's Interview With TLAR on 5/2/2014
  36. Dinar Coins for sale? Please someone explain this!
  37. kap is now say no way this month
  38. mr gloom and doom kap...does anyone agree with below
  39. kap is now say no way this month
  40. Finally starting to rectify Article 140 ??? Todays news.
  41. Maliki's SOL group has won 97 Parliament seats!!
  42. Thinking Beyond What Is Contained Within the Media... Especially At This Time...
  43. Conspiring Within Iraq... Is There Such A Thing As Trust In Politics, and Media?...
  44. Surprised that Kaperoni and Ennorste are posted so often
  45. Economy majors please help