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  1. Bringing Many To a Point of Desperation.. Only To Fool Those Who Do Not See...
  2. Do People Actually Care About The Ethics of Leaders Any Longer?... Rigged, or Both?..
  3. Eyes That Will See... Ears That Will Hear... Great Article...
  4. The Lesser of Two Evils.. Or Is It?.. The Outcome Will Be The Same..
  5. Donald Trump's First Day In Office as POTUS... Any Relevance?...
  6. A Look At President Trump's Tax Cuts
  7. Wars, and Rumors of Wars... Interesting Article, and a Sign of the Times...
  8. Opinion Concerning Crypto's...
  9. Remember Change Is One The Horizon Once This Goes.. 10 Kings Then the Beast..
  10. The 7 Trumpets Blasts That Will Bring Change For the Benefit of Mankind In the End...
  11. Forgiven, and Grateful To Be...
  12. Objectivity I Sorely Lacking In Many Aspects of the World We Live In..
  13. January 6th 2023.. Change In the Air.. A Time of Refreshing From God Perhaps?..
  14. Is God Perfect Enough For You On A Personal Level?
  15. Is God The Love of Our Lives?
  16. Without The Spirit of God We Are Unworthy..
  17. Unity Can Be Accomplished Through the Spirit..
  18. Spiritually Unleavened Because of Our Savior's Sacrifice..
  19. Allowing For Jesus To Be Our Standard, and Not the World At Large..
  20. The Absolute Improbability That Our Savior Actually Sinned..
  21. It Is Not Our Best That Achieves Growth Within Our Spiritual Lives..
  22. The Danger Of Allowing The Flesh To Guide Our Decisions..
  23. Jesus Is The Only Begotten, and Divine Son of God.. No Other Like HIM.
  24. What Has Been Declared By God Almighty Has Been, and Will Be.
  25. Spiritually Assessing One's Self Before Victory Is Achieved..
  26. Have We the Right To Rewrite The Perfect Law of Liberty?..
  27. Submission or Defiance.. One Leads to Life, and the Other Death.
  28. The King Who Lost Perspective, and the Failure The Ensued..
  29. Truth Is Key To Spiritual Growth, and Understanding of Prophetic Events.
  30. The Tree of Life, or The Tree of the Knowledge of Good, and Evil AKA Mystery Babylon.
  31. Truth Cannot Be Made A Lie, No More Than A Lie Can Become Truth...