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  1. Java Installation
  2. This may explain US officials visit
  3. Humor ; A funny " dam" story, i don't care who you are !
  5. Us inst of peace link
  6. Controversy with Poppy 3's CC statement on a Home Sales Tax
  7. IS THIS what we are coming to????? you can't help but ask if history is repeating....
  8. United Nations 2012 General Assembly: What To Expect
  9. Obama's controversial America 2016 Full Video
  10. The documents reveal U.S. plans for the extermination of millions of human beings
  11. How do I register to vote, where do I vote ? "All the answers you need"
  12. Glenn Beck's new airing of 'The Project' re: Infiltrationn of The Muslim Brotherhood
  13. Urgent news of obama's 900 plus executive orders you have to see this
  14. Number one issue that will defeat OBAMA
  15. think you are registered to vote, think again
  16. Dollar falls against yen
  17. This new political ad will make DNC heads spin!
  18. Christian companies cannot bow to sinful mandate
  19. HUMOR - He Is The Most Interesting Man In the Dinar
  20. BoA has lost my all of my accts I well no longer use them
  21. Obama cuts deal with Iran over nukes :Sanctions to vanish in exchange for 'temporary'
  22. Obama cuts deal with iran over nukes
  23. Rush Limbaugh Transcript - Oct 22 - Cancel US Debt
  24. \\\ Obama congratulates the Muslim world by the Eid al-Adha ///
  25. Benghazi Attack Was Botched Kidnapping to Trade Blind Sheik
  26. Joe The Plumber Dead In 2012
  27. Joe The Plumber Dead In 2012
  28. special ops- lies, leaks
  29. One good man and a lawyer by training also ....................
  30. humor
  31. A National Day of Thanksgiving ......... did you know ?
  32. This directly from Vietnam Owner about the VND will NEVER Increase..your thoughts Pop
  33. Analysis: German hint of Greek debt relief raises euro hopes
  34. Fund to set up to encourage PPP model in Vietnam
  35. Commercial banks cannot find buyers, throw money into bonds / VIETNAMNET
  36. Ailing banks seek strategic partners for restructuring - VND
  37. The Internal Revenue Service Has Released New Rules
  38. Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution:
  39. Arch Angels thoughts on QE 4
  40. Gun Control
  41. We The People Stimulus Package - YouTube
  42. Check this out!!! 15 year old invents pancreatic cancer detector
  43. Dairy Industry Tries to Hide Artificial Sweeteners in School Lunches
  44. New Federal Reserve rules for C.E.
  45. New Federal Reserves rules for CE