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    The Dinar Daily****SATURDAY in IRAQ, 1/19/2013

    110 companies to blacklist

    01/19/2013 12:00 am

    He Wasit Provincial Council "Friday" that transmitted the 110 companies reluctant during the year 2012 to the black list because of its failure to implement projects authorized in the province. Said Council President Mahmoud Abdul Ridha's (IMN) "It has to refer companies lagging in 2012 on three meals The first was with 72 companies and the second meal includes 14 companies and meal third with 23 companies, "he said, adding that these companies are all Iraqi companies." and added that "Wasit province referred important projects to companies reluctant including the completion of projects and health services and the building of schools, government departments and rehabilitation neighborhoods" . And gave the Wasit province early 2012 companies lagging one year to implement conservation projects.

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    Pull Ajazatan استثماريتين

    01/19/2013 12:00 am

    Confirmed Investment Commission Diwaniyah news withdraw Ajazatan استثماريتين Mmnouhtin Company (Kyar Krupp) investment due to the reluctance implementation of the two projects residential. Said Director of Information Commission Majid ordeal in a press statement: whole has taken a number of decisions regarding the reluctance of companies Kyar Krupp that got Ajazatan استثماريتين to implement two residential (Green 1, Green 2).
    , adding that the most important decisions taken during the meeting of the members of the Resolution No. (1) and the judge to withdraw the license of investment company Kayar Krupp project (Green 1) to delay the investor to complete procedures and recommended the Council not to accept provide company for any future project of the Commission .
    and proceed as decided by the Council in its resolution No. (2) to withdraw the license of the company's investment Kayar Krupp of the project (Green 2) to the reluctance of investors to complete procedures and recommended the Council not to accept the company for any future project and according to the controls.

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    Governance in the management of banks

    01/19/2013 12:00 am

    Organized association of private banks in Iraq training course on the subject of leadership and governance in the management of Iraqi banks public and private.
    said Executive Director of the Association Abdul Aziz Hassoun in Tsrich (morning) that the course aims to develop capabilities of employees in the private banks and public and stand at the last global developments in this side. Pointing out that the session organized under the supervision of the Central Bank of Iraq, noting that the director of risk management in the Directorate-General to monitor the banking and credit Muhammad Yunus Salman lectures in this session and provides important programs. Goldfinch pointed out that the Association continues to organize training courses on new banking products witnessed by global banking arena.

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    New Iraq parliament up in air amid political row

    Last Updated : Saturday, January 19, 2013 1:27 AM

    A handout artists’ rendition released by London-based Assemblage architects shows the new Iraqi parliament building complex. — AFP

    BAGHDAD – For weeks, Iraqi MPs have been locked in a political crisis that has stalled progress on key decisions including one affecting their own offices in a future parliament complex.

    Iraq launched an international competition in late 2011 to design a new parliament, replacing the current Saddam-era edifice, and last week, the Royal Institute of British Architects, which ran the contest to shield Baghdad from accusations of corruption, recommended a London-based group for the job.

    But the chosen group Assemblage has not heard from parliament officials since being selected, and British architecture publications have said Baghdad is still in talks over a rival design by award-winning Iraqi-born architect Zaha Hadid.

    “I think that they’ve got their hands full right now with trying to keep the parliament from being dissolved and the whole thing collapsing,” Peter Besley, cofounder and director of Assemblage, said.

    “I think the main concern is that there won’t be a parliament to sit in this building if we build it,” he added. “So we’ve got to give them some time. I think their in-boxes are a bit full right now.”

    Besley was referring to a series of interlocking political crises in Baghdad that have pitted Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki against his erstwhile government partners ahead of key provincial elections in April.

    Various members of Maliki’s national unity cabinet – Sunnis, Kurds and members of his own Shiite community – have accused him of authoritarianism and sectarianism, and he has faced weeks of protests that have hardened opposition against his rule.

    The row has largely brought policy-making in Iraq to a standstill, with no landmark legislation passed since parliamentary elections in March 2010.

    And now it appears the dispute has stalled decisions on plans to relocate parliament from its current location inside the capital’s Green Zone to another central Baghdad location, but one outside the heavily fortified complex that is home to the cabinet as well as the American and British embassies.

    Under the terms of the RIBA competition, Iraq’s parliament is under no obligation to choose the project that emerged top in the contest, but with a week having passed since the winner was announced, officials in Baghdad have not even acknowledged receiving the RIBA recommendations.

    Assemblage says it has received the $250,000 competition prize, and is keen to get on with more detailed designs and planning that could see construction on the new parliament begin as early as 2015.

    Artists’ renditions provided by Assemblage depict a cylindrical building surrounded by walls that pattern to shade from the sun, lying in the centre of a large plaza.

    Inside are two large chambers to house the Council of Representatives and the Federation Council, the latter of which is an upper chamber of parliament that has yet to be created under Iraqi law, but references to which are in the country’s constitution.

    According to Assemblage, construction of the entire complex has been set at $411 million.

    But multiple Iraqi parliament officials declined to comment on the contest when contacted by AFP, and Baghdad has made no announcement about the competition except for an official tender advertised on the parliament website in 2011. Britain-based magazine “Building Design” has reported that both second place Capita Symonds and third place firm Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) both regarded the contract as yet to be awarded.

    ZHA declined to respond to questions from AFP, but said in a statement: “ZHA continues to address the committee’s on-going technical queries. To our knowledge, no decision has been made.”
    So for now, Assemblage is – like observers of Iraqi politics – in wait-and-see mode.

    “We’re really interested in starting that process, but they just have a lot to do right now,” Besley, 44, said. “I also think they’re not used to doing this.”

    “In the West, governments are more used to it, ministries are all set up for running these large infrastructure projects. I think they’re still finding their feet, and I think they need to be supported, really.” – AFP

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    Expert: improving the electricity sector needs to plan and strategic fit reality

    01/19/2013 12:00 am

    Ministry confirms production 12.5 thousand megabytes in April next
    BAGHDAD - Hussein Tgb Tamimi
    stressed a number of specialists sector production of electric power on the importance of adopting new plans contribute effectively in the process of increasing production in the general stations, as well as in the stations that enter service recently, to افتين to the importance of adopting style turnkey when implementing projects new power to overcome many of the problems that accompany the implementation process ff, while Ministry confirmed electricity it is going according to program promotes production gradually to reach 14 000 MW end of this year and into self-sufficiency to the need of the citizens of the energy end of the year current.
    economic expert Fares al-Rubaie told (morning): The production of electric power suffers an imbalance in most joints, leading to a continued shortage of processing citizen energy needed, pointing out that the improvement that occurs in the hours of processing to Ayad improvement actually, because it goes back to the fall after period of time, due to the existence of new units and other eligible enter a stage production, and the other graduated from service, and here is the problem of inaccuracy in the plans to raise the output power, which requires plans progress and follow-up to the reality of work. style turnkey said Rubaie that the implementation of Mahtab Electrical must be in accordance with the style of turnkey adopted by many countries in the world, as this method works to adopt the company executing all stages of completion design and executive down to the actual production, indicating that the plans held production in the country is mostly in non-adoption of this style, where design project in the company and equipped by a second company and focus sometimes by a third company and in case of any malfunction, the responsibility evades everybody aims equipped ball in the court the company that carried out the stage monument and vice versa, and so find the problem is complicated and depends station for production and so they can be logical solutions to this problem. 12-18 hours processing Spokesman Ministry of Electricity Musab teacher said in a statement (morning): The ministry's plan aims to arrive in production to 12.5 thousand megawatts during the month of April next and 14 thousand MW end of the year , pointing out that the current production of up to (Cool Thousands of megawatts and that this figure is subject to rise after the completion of stations productivity, which entered the qualification before a period of time and accomplish in the coming weeks, indicating that the number of projects implemented by the Ministry up to 42 projects in sectors of production, transport and distribution, and working to raise production to 20 thousand megawatts the end of the year 2014, stressing that the hours of processing citizens now ranging between 12 - 18 hours. As Muna Fadel has indicated that the hours of processing power did not meet the ambitious, and that the amount of what is being processed per day during this period does not exceed 9 hours, in many cases, which leads us to rely on generators in civil fill the shortfall in the national electricity. plans and strategies new Rubaie returned to say that the actual need of the electric power for processing domestic and industrial has not been identified precisely because we have a lot of factories stalled as well as companies and public sector companies stalled and almost stalled, but the number that was specified by the concerned ranges between 18 - 20 000 MW. He pointed out that this figure can be reached within three years if she could the Ministry of Electricity of the adoption of plans and strategies new implementation, especially our local engineering to match the best international experience in Europe and America, and sometimes exceed, but the problem is administrative and does a sense of responsibility, sometimes toward business and administration to sectors electric. The ministry said electricity for organizing a training course for a number of its affiliates administrators in collaboration with entrepreneurs in Beirut, and included human resources management topics, job descriptions, and strategic planning, and tactical in determining the demand for human resources, as well as software and modern methods for the classification of resources, and use Optimization in administration work. activate electrical industries Rubaie added, saying «that the country must tends to invest efforts of companies specialized in the electrical domestic through the adoption of mechanisms partnership with international companies with extensive experience in this specialty, and head for the manufacture and assembly of electric power stations, or enters in the industry within these companies and thus achieve a lot of positive results stand in the forefront of manufacturing what the country needs from power stations inside our companies and the efforts of local and international specifications quality global, as well as transfer of technology effectively into the country, as well as providing many job opportunities for a wide range of engineers and technicians, as well as public employees, and thus become the company's local market value after the activation of production through partnership with international company can sell its shares to the citizens and after that becomes a market guaranteed graduated state them and become a private sector with a foreign partner, and thereby the development of industry and maintain the kind Product ». Rubaie continued saying: that the planning for the establishment of power stations must be sensitive, inter alia, location of the station of the city as they prefer to be near cities, because distance from cities means more transportation costs and provide supplements and other, also must take into account the type of fuel used, pointing that station Sadr gaseous working now relying on diesel fuel and cost of equivalent price station for lack of gas, and there lose the economic feasibility of the establishment of this station, pointing to the importance of benefiting from the experience of Kurdistan, which has achieved great success in this area, where she worked on the environment attractive to investors and guaranteed a reasonable profit when creating production and processing plants and achieved home-sufficiency and is planning to achieve industrial-sufficiency and another stage of the investment.

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    Preparations to extend a new oil pipeline in Maysan

    01/19/2013 12:00 am

    Maysan - Sabah
    announced Maysan Oil Company on Friday, the preparations underway to implement the pipeline project a new export of crude oil produced from the fields Maysan design capacity of up to one million barrels per day to keep up with large increases in the production of oil fields, which will hopefully be up to one million barrels per day end 2017 .
    said General Manager to maintaining Qubool Bahadli for IMN "that" company Petrojayna Chinese, which currently holds the development field Halfayah main operator and company CNOOC China, which is a partner in the continued project will undertake the management of the implementation processes of the pipeline project export new, noting that "Maysan Oil Company holds the follow-up procedures for implementation and ratification of the assignments, budgets and work programs and Timers have formed a higher committee and other committees for this purpose. "
    and explained that "being surveys to track tube called survey is technical and by national teams affiliated to the Ministry of Environment and Civil Defense and the Southern Oil Company in addition to cadres from Maysan Oil Company, has been completed so far cleared about 52 kilometers stretching from Halfaya field to the administrative border in the province of Maysan Uzayr as well as a survey of some 110 km from Uzayr into the administrative border of the province of Basra. He pointed out that "the survey is technical utilized in identifying areas that are likely out there remnants of war in the path of the pipeline and then processed in the technical survey."
    He Bahadli said "that the export line new, which will hopefully accomplished in less than two years will be the design capacity of up to about one million barrels per day and a length of 272 km and a diameter 42 "Wang" and extends from the fields of the province at the meeting point linear export Albozorkan, Halfaya 0.9 km east of the center field Halfaya, down to the depot tanks in Faw in Basra province. "
    and noted that "the project includes pipeline 32-Lang along 56 km of fields Albozorkan to the meeting point of a written export and also set up 5 stations cathodic protection tube corrosion and 8 valves are controlled automatically to cross rivers and 6 are controlled manually, as well as the project includes installation pumping station and centrist and system counters to calculate amounts of oils exporting unit central control lies in the field of Halfaya and substations in the field Albozorkan and other FAO. "
    said Bahadli "The establishment new line came to cope with the substantial increase in oil production in the fields of the province where development processes by two Petrojayna and CNOOC, explaining that" The new line of ايلغي current line upon which the export of oil produced from the fields to maintain at the moment but a design capacity of Atstoab increases that will occur on the production in the next few years. "
    The company Petrojayna Chinese are developing Halfayah field since 2010 has completed the first stage production about 100 thousand barrels per day, while the CNOOC develop Albozorkan fields and Abu west and the north and south humorous. Produces Maysan Oil Company fields an average of 217 thousand barrels per day after the addition of more than 100 thousand barrels within the first phase of the development of Halfaya field last June.

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    Government responded to the demands of the demonstrators and the remaining legislative

    01/19/2013 12:00 am

    Congress: things are heading towards calm and relaxation
    Baghdad morning joy pumice
    demonstrators yesterday threw the ball in the court of the House of Representatives through their emphasis on the implementation of their demands, which require legal code, after the government announced it responded to requests for, what does that mean to witness political moves , after the weekend, a shift in the quality of dealing with the crisis. And if taken in response the government with the directives of the religious authority, the general index, and according to observers, tends to detente.
    While confirmed the Iraqi List, the government succeeded in containing the demands of the demonstrators through the release of innocent detainees and the formation of committees to listen to the demands of the People's Committees, said a coalition of state law The Committee agreed political forces to form will not be insulated from the Commission's work-governmental organizations.
    Meanwhile revealed to security and defense committee parliamentary for a substantial amendments in the anti-terrorism law to meet the demands of the demonstrators.
    government and through swift action noted that it has carried out an obligation of demands that the legislative side is the prerogative of the House of Representatives means sharing the overall responsibility, considering that all the political spectrum share the bugs and the solution.
    Here Commission announced mandated to consider the demands of the protesters, Friday, it dealt with 20 thousand cases of people covered by the law of accountability and justice, also directed the formation of Fujin from the police to accommodate the sons of Samarra in response to requests demonstrators city. saw a number of cities west and north of the country yesterday, demonstrations centered demands to cancel the legal accountability and justice and the fight against terrorism.
    Meanwhile revealed to security and defense committee parliamentary for a substantial amendments in the anti-terrorism law to meet the demands of the demonstrators.
    A member of the Committee, MP Hassan Jihad Amin told the "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network": that "there was a proposal to amend the anti-terrorism law, which will be amended by the Legal Committee of parliamentary and governmental committee recently formed."
    said Amin that the most prominent amendments concerning detainees and confidential informant , stressing that he will pass this amendment in the parliament, because of all the blocks in agreement on the amendments contained.
    As mentioned committee member MP Chuan Mohamed Taha said there new projects to amend anti-terrorism law in his committee., but Taha ruled out in a statement for "Center Brief Media Network Iraqi "," pass this project in the House of Representatives, "explaining that this new project does not have any flexibility, but the intensity more than the law first, he says.
    so confirmed a member of the Iraqi List, said the government succeeded in containing the demands of the demonstrators by firing release of the detainees innocent and the formation of committees to listen to the demands of the People's Committees.
    promised an MP for the Iraqi unit Jumaili for "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," directed the government "gave an indication that the Iraqi state is moving towards greater democracy."
    said member bloc citizen MP for the National Alliance Mona Amiri its part: that the government has responded to most of the demands of the demonstrators constitutional and others need to enact laws.
    As a member of a coalition of state law, MP for the National Alliance on Alfalh has likely get calm in the political process, adding that what he called the project division of the country will fail, "because the speech National impose itself on everyone. "

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    Presidency: ratify the death sentences were not affected by the political crisis

    01/19/2013 12:00 am

    BAGHDAD - morning
    announced the Presidency there is no relationship between the procedures followed in the release of people is convicted, and the ratification of death sentences issued by the judiciary.
    said a source familiar with the Presidency of the Republic's "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network": "The current political crisis and efforts to launch release the innocent from prison did not disrupt legal proceedings followed by the Presidency of the Republic to ratify the death sentences issued by the judiciary. "
    The source explained: "Everyone with the release of the detainees innocent, but at the same time that everyone with the application of legal action, which are not affected by crises of political and the ratification of the judicial executions ", noting that" the presidency continues to ratify death sentences issued by the judiciary. "

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    300 billion dinars border outlets revenues in 2012

    01/19/2013 12:00 am

    Directorate started building 5 sites with neighboring countries designs modern
    Baghdad Qasim Hilfi
    started Directorate border crossings build five ports modern according to the latest designs, emphasizing achieve revenue exceeded 300 billion dinars over the past year, unexpected increase in the movement of trade and travelers in the year.
    said Director General of the Department of the Ministry of Interior, Major General Engineer Essam Saleh sweet for "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network": that the department began implementing a project Building 5 border ports in Rabia, newborn and Shalamjah and Mundhiriyah and Safwan according to a special form for each port designs included circles port gates and buildings Health and Veterinary and Agriculture and customs and civil arenas detected and it is hoped completed over three years after the allocation of the amounts of their own.
    added sweet: that sums construction contracts vary according to the needs of the border crossing and capacity installations in it, adding that the development processes will be for other outlets, through additions building and paving streets and creating things other logistic, revealed the existence of many meetings with the Ministry of Finance to conduct modernization and development of the ports of old instead of a maintenance operations that intend to finance their implementation so as to contribute to the upgrading by all ports and make it a model.
    and pointed out that all the ports are currently working iPods explosives detection through wheels rap residents U.S., as well as wheels small type (ZBB) Although vacations but it تدام continuously by the Directorate against explosives, and contains most of the ports on the center sniffer dogs and a screening explosives manual and devices checked bags.
    cautioned sweet that constraints work is concentrated in the need for some detector and training Angels operating in the training courses to develop their abilities technical and increase their knowledge in the operation of appliances, indicating that the task of the Directorate relating to the supervision and control, adding it possesses elements and police customs civil cumulative experience significant and non-reliance often setups and enables them to locate hidden contraband and detect irregularities, including signals to control the movement of materials well.
    revealed Director General of the ports for that Okiem amounts withdrawn as income or fines or fees for last year amounted to more than 307 billion and 486 million dinars, equivalent to more than $ 36 million, while seized 690 000 U.S. dollars may not remove it , and the number of departing passengers more than 2,000,367 thousand, including 1.07 million Iraqis and 142 thousand Arabs and 1.155 million foreigners, while the number of arrivals to the country more than 2,000,349 thousand, including more than one million Iraqis and 157 thousand Arabs and 1,000,187 foreigners.
    and pointed out that Revenues Directorate General of border ports and the rest of the general directorates operating risen over the past year, including evidence of a motionless senior economist, expected to witness this year 2013 increased movement of trade and travelers from previous years after the restoration of the security side and return things to normal in most provinces, pointing to the existence great cooperation between the public services in the ports and management including easy success teamwork.
    stressed sweet that large amounts and variety of clothing, furniture, toys and utensils, bags, shoes various electrical appliances, medical devices and food damaged and is licensed or offense has been destroyed or returned, after tuned by elements ports border, were also arrested a number of wanted terrorists and suspects and defendants and intruders by nationality and detect crimes of fraud, drug trafficking and possession, or possession of a stolen vehicle.
    He said the 1298 truck returned to hand coming, including 20 Prada carrying tons of various food items, fruits and vegetables, eggs, Because damage or expiration or the lack of vacation import them or because of the growth of fetal where and smelly, and seized 75 000 grain narcotic and 16 thousand capsule narcotic in the form of a tape, as well as the destruction of 30 tons of various materials and load trucks of toys and fish.

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    Communications completed project linking Iraq world countries via submarine cables

    01/19/2013 12:00 am

    Baghdad Isra Samurai
    completed the Ministry of Communications project linking Iraq world countries through submarine cables for the transport of all kinds of information to different parts of the globe, as ministry confirmed that service is currently available in Basra and will be circulated soon to all other provinces.
    said senior agent for technical affairs ministry Amir al-Bayati told of "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network": that the ministry has completed a project to link Iraq with cables your marine transfer all kinds of information to different parts of the globe.
    explained that submarine cables is one of the main means of communication that have been achieved in the field of transport and exchange of data and data Digital around the world, stressing that the phone services and Internet services and video over this cable is faster and cheaper, as used by cable compared with satellites that were used to transport data-capacity and low costs are too expensive.
    As noted Bayati that service is currently available in the center of Faw in the province of Basra, said he will circulate this service in other provinces after the completion of contracts with private companies in this area for the marketing service in Iraq reduced from 70 75 percent, pointing out that this project will create a spirit of competition between companies including reflect positively on the users of this service.
    It is noted that this project will be a quantum leap in the country's telecommunications sector after linking Iraq through world countries integrated Atsalatyh system over the Arabian Gulf region.

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