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    The Dinar Daily****FRIDAY in IRAQ, 1/18/2013

    Iraqi parliament is moving to amend the law «accountability and justice»

    18-01-2013 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add a comment -

    Baghdad - Al-Hayat

    Friday, January 18, 2013

    Seen the Iraqi parliament in the coming days on a proposal made by the bloc «rule of law», led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, to modify «Accountability and Justice, will allow thousands of former Baathists back to their jobs, and refer others to retire.

    The repeal of the «accountability and justice of the leading demands of the demonstrators in a number of Iraqi cities.

    The head of the National Reconciliation Commission and parliamentary accountability MP Qais Cdhir in a statement to «life» that block the «rule of law» submitted the proposed amendment in the «March last in the hope that the Committee will consider the proposal to be forwarded to the presidency of the parliament.

    He pointed out that «the amendment means all uprooted decisions of accountability and justice, who were holding a government job salary pension, according to the laws and regulations circuits that originate them, and specifically who have completed active duty 15, does not exclude elements Fedayeen Saddam if applicable them the requirements referred to».

    He added that «can rank of Division Member or below in the dissolved Baath Party to return to his job, either of the highest degree was from a member of the Division is referred to retire either completed active duty or not.

    He pointed out that «studied proposed amendment took a long time has not ratified it yet, note that most of the parliamentary blocs have been supportive to tack amendments and is expected to be voted on soon.

    And got the «life» of the Commission 'national reconciliation', a copy of the proposal and there is a tendency for approval within days.

    The text includes amendments relating to the definition of the term 'agents of the regime', with the words «to prove that a judicial decision has gained become final.

    The proposal included the amendment of article 6 on the actions taken against belonging to the Baath Party as follows: «terminate the services of all employees, those who were highly member branch and retirement under service law in force and to refer all employees who occupy a special grades (general manager or equivalent and above) who were highly member of the Division in the ranks of the Baath Party to retire A_i_ina of age requirement and service to the law of service and retirement force and end the services of security personnel who were convicted under judicial decisions gained become final in the suppression of the Iraqi people to retire under the law of service and retirement force ».

    And prevents volunteers in Saddam's Fedayeen of any pension rights to their work in the above mentioned with the exception of military personnel who were taken to the above mentioned orders from higher authority.

    The amendments included «Allow all employees with special grades who were the rank of Division Member or below in the ranks of the Baath Party to return to their constituencies and to continue in their jobs or retirement at their request under the law of service and retirement in force.

    According to the amendments also: »does not allow for members of the people to return to the service or continue from the three governing bodies and the Supreme Judicial Council and the ministries and security agencies and the ministries of foreign affairs, finance and convey who belong to these circles to other circles, not distract pension or grant for each of the belong to Baath Party after 20/3/2003 and replaced to prevent distracting functions special grades (general manager or equivalent from above and directors of administrative units) of the rank of Division Member or above in the ranks of the Baath Party.

    And canceled the project paragraph which states that «the fall of the rights set forth in the preceding paragraphs for each person judicially prove his participation crimes against the Iraqi people or enriched at the expense of public money.

    The proposal stipulated that «the provisions of the new law applies retroactively and that the body issuing instructions to be performed on completed all its work within one year from the effective date of the law».

    He was chairman of the «Accountability and Justice Falah Shanshal called in press statements covered by the law to provide treatment of pensions within 60 days,
    accusing the former members of the Commission not to carry out their duties, pointed out that« the current actual work began only three months ago.

    The political differences took place on the procedures followed by the 'de-Baathification' past and led to the deportation of many politicians from participating in the political process, while the House of Representatives initiated law «Justice and Accountability in the previous session instead of 'de-Baathification'.
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    Iraq after Talabani

    FRIDAY, JANUARY 18, 2013 02:34

    There is no doubt that the absence of the President "Jalal Talabani" from the political scene and Iraqi Kurdish in particular, will affect the political map and leaves a void difficult to Asdh one even for a period, which could push the politicians adults that re their arrangements of new, man personality charismatic strong and his field long contributed to identify the basic features of the new state, and has emerged as a key player in the Iraqi political arena,

    • IMO, Talabani definitely UNDERSTOOD the principles of a Democracy better than anyone in any authority position currently. Anyone who has the finger on the pulse of Iraq news, KNOWS this is the most chaotic period in Iraq we have witnessed since our troops pulled out.

    clutching strings game is that Irkhiha for a moment until he was darkest health conditions


    and political did not allow anyone to whatever degree relative of him to undisputed or think just thinking that occupies his place, It the warrior stubborn first class, do not give up easily and not bend to one, fought leader Kurdish nation "Mustafa Barzani" and entered him in a bitter struggle for many years because he wanted to Iksqs Jnahath and limits the ambitions of leadership tyrant despite his respect has a large account like Supreme but not the kind that give up Atoto to one if the commander weight Barzani, was supposed entering with arch and the son of his rival, "Massoud Barzani,"

    • Sounds like at one time, Talabani and Massoud Barzani's father were arch enemies.

    after a grinding war between them in a strategic agreement in 2007 that things return to normal track and unite state institutions function, and unite two departments Almksmtan "city of Sulaimaniya administered Party Talabani, Erbil and Dohuk under the control of the party Barzani," but remained keeps troop Peshmerga own Bakbatha Green did not allow consolidation of the military establishment never, and also did not allow to merge the financial institution of the parties as complementary strengths of military force,

    • Things were finally on good terms between Talabani and the current Barzani... However, it looks like Barzani was never willing to merge his troops with the central government nor the financial institutions of Kurdistan. Trust issues.. can't say I blame him.


    and ظلتا two institutions Mtafrqtin reduce this moment, I stayed this trend when even a president of the Republic of Iraq, when presented to him opposed to the policy of the Iraqi prime minister, "al-Maliki" dictatorship request to bump up to the parliament to withdraw the confidence of it according to the constitution, refused to submit it to parliament because this would raise the star "Barzani" in sky Kurdish politics and makes him Kurdish leader only in the contemporary history of Iraq that toppled Prime Minister in Iraq while showing his image as a child of his outlet for his orders, and that is not acceptable,

    • You may remember Talabani rejected the notion of sending anything to parliament against Maliki and kind of smoothed things over with the Kurds and the central government. However, PRIOR to Talabani's hospitalization, he had become FURIOUS WITH MALIKI.. and did talk about submitting the papers for a vote of no confidence to Parliament..

    often conclude from the limited powers conferred on him by the Constitution and tried to get out of the narrow framework which put its by amending some provisions of the constitution in this area, but collided reject categorically by the National Alliance Party, was forced to activate its role in political scene last, and show his talents leadership inimitable bring together warring Iraqi politicians of all persuasions and attitudes contradictory around him, raising the banner of peace and love, was able to impose its presence in this field, so we find that the most senior politicians today hurts and regrets what the outcome of the health condition, some of them cut his official visit "speaker" and some of them rushed to the hospital to check on his health, "Prime Minister" ..

    • The absence of Talabani is being felt big time now.. Now they realize just how well he kept the peace among the political blocs.

    The absence of "Mam Jalal "The final in the Iraqi political scene rise to the possibility of sharp divisions and not" split one "in the structure of his party," Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, "which is made ​​up of teams and wings of different political, like the Great Schism, which happened to him" in 2009 "by Nawshirwan Mustafa, a leader Wings Party adult and then machined to an independent movement "Movement for Change", and that this happened and this possibility is very likely, it will become the Kurdistan Democratic Party, headed "Msaudbarzana"(TRANSLATION error I do believe that should have said Massoud Barzani) is the beneficiary first and last of these defections and a dominant Kurdish political without a competitor, may lead absence " Talabani "to unite institutions Almenksmtin" financial and military ".. But his absence at the Iraqi level, the Iraqis will lose a wise voice had an effect in calming the situation explosive. Mamedoana

    • Thank you for posting.. very hard to read and interpret.. but good history lesson between Talabani and Barzani.. RED
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    Daini :: General Amnesty Law will approve next week

    Editor: Alasady.Alannews
    on: Friday 18/01/2013 06:05 am

    Showed MP / coalition in Iraq / Nahida Daini, that requests for demonstrators who are currently online in the squares to demonstrate similar subjects and various other, noting that the proposed amnesty law will pass next week.

    The Daini told media that the committee which was formed at the meeting , which took (PLACE AT THE) home the President of the National Alliance Ibrahim al-Jaafari, would be supportive of legislative authority over the executive, indicating: that the members of the Committee of the decision-makers in the House of Representatives.

    indicated Iraqi MP: that There joint requests and various demonstrations taking place in the country's provinces, afterthought that demands of the demonstrators in the provinces of Diyala, Nineveh and Diyala and Anbar similar, expressing Tmanyaha that do not constitute several committees on the demands of the protesters they would lead to interference in the powers.

    She Daini: that the last meeting of the House of Representatives was there agreement between the political blocs to amend the amnesty law, expected approval in the sessions of the House of Representatives next week.
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    New Iraq parliament up in air amid political row

    By AFP

    January 18, 2013 - Updated 931 PKT

    BAGHDAD: For weeks, Iraqi MPs have been locked in a political crisis that has stalled progress on key decisions including one affecting their own offices in a future parliament complex.

    Iraq launched an international competition in late 2011 to design a new parliament, replacing the current Saddam-era edifice, and last week, the Royal Institute of British Architects, which ran the contest to shield Baghdad from accusations of corruption, recommended a London-based group for the job.

    But the chosen group Assemblage has not heard from parliament officials since being selected, and British architecture publications have said Baghdad is still in talks over a rival design by award-winning Iraqi-born architect Zaha Hadid.

    "I think that they've got their hands full right now with trying to keep the parliament from being dissolved and the whole thing collapsing," Peter Besley, cofounder and director of Assemblage, told by telephone.

    "I think the main concern is that there won't be a parliament to sit in this building if we build it," he added. "So we've got to give them some time. I think their in-boxes are a bit full right now."

    Besley was referring to a series of interlocking political crises in Baghdad that have pitted Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki against his erstwhile government partners ahead of key provincial elections in April.

    Various members of Maliki's national unity cabinet -- Sunnis, Kurds and members of his own Shiite community -- have accused him of authoritarianism and sectarianism, and he has faced weeks of protests that have hardened opposition against his rule.

    The row has largely brought policy-making in Iraq to a standstill, with no landmark legislation passed since parliamentary elections in March 2010.

    And now it appears the dispute has stalled decisions on plans to relocate parliament from its current location inside the capital's Green Zone to another central Baghdad location, but one outside the heavily fortified complex that is home to the cabinet as well as the American and British embassies.

    Under the terms of the RIBA competition, Iraq's parliament is under no obligation to choose the project that emerged top in the contest, but with a week having passed since the winner was announced, officials in Baghdad have not even acknowledged receiving the RIBA recommendations.

    Assemblage says it has received the $250,000 competition prize, and is keen to get on with more detailed designs and planning that could see construction on the new parliament begin as early as 2015.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    MP accuses Government of supervisory role of Integrity Committee
    Friday, 18 January 2013 10:11 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Haval Quistani, of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee accused "The Government of limiting the supervisory role of the Integrity Committee and the other independent commissions to hinder its performance.

    He stated to All Iraq News Agency (AIN) "The performance of the Integrity Committee becomes weak after the resignation of its Head, Judge, Raheem al-Akili, due to the governmental pressures."

    "Dozens of files were referred to the Integrity Commission to take the legal procedures concerning them yet many of them were neglected without investigations," he mentioned.

    "This is because of the lack of coordination between the executive authorities and the Integrity Commission," he concluded.

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    Jobouri rules out investigating Maliki at parliament

    Friday, 18 January 2013 12:26 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Nada al-Jobouri, of the Iraqiya Slate ruled out investigating the Premier, Nouri al-Maliki, at the parliament due to the huge political conflict.

    She stated to AIN "I do not think that investigating Maliki will be fruitful since the previous experience with the Minister of Youth and Sport has failed concerning the investigation where he used to say at the media outlets that time is not suitable for investigations."

    "The political scene in Iraq is deteriorated where the people became careless concerning the political debates among the blocs and they launch demonstrations to call for their huge demands," she concluded.

    "The fundamental solution for the current disputes is to reconsider the political balance to respond to the people's demands," she concluded.
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    Senior Economist: take a series of variables and economic adjustments would enable Iraq to join the World Trade Organization

    Published in: 2:22 pm, January 18, 2013 by ipa 2 Views: 19

    BAGHDAD (Iba) .. Economic expert confirmed peace Sumaisem, that Iraq's economy needs to be a series of actions and modifications to be able to join the World Trade Organization, saying: that Iraq's economy live period blurry and unclear in all its laws and economic projects.
    Said Smeisim told the independent press (Iba) .. "There are many actions lost that must be taken by Iraq to be able to build a strong economy can to enter the World Trade Organization, explaining procedures include Sir according to real trend towards the transition to a market economy, which is one of the conditions of accession to the WTO. "
    She added, "there is the issue of absent from Iraq's economy, which is that of intellectual property and brand names are still absent and the issue of commercial agencies and law is the law-based regulation is the headquarters of trade impedes the country's economy."
    It showed: no tendencies in Iraq tendency want to return the economy back more state control which is inconsistent with the provisions of the organization and there is a trend other who should be towards trade liberalization, which makes Iraq's economy is uncertain does not know policies affiliation economic. "
    And She Sumaisem "economic laws unidentified Iraqi economy is still living a blurry yet laws pending in parliament and the rest of the laws afford central formula carries a lot of profiles in the central control of Iraq." (End

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    Allow transport plane carrying the staff of the Prime Minister's Office and their fam

    Allow transport plane carrying the staff of the Prime Minister's Office and their families to fly to Bahrain and prevent others
    01/18/2013 - 1:40 pm |

    Allowed Iraqi Airways affiliated to the Ministry of Transport, the plane carrying the staff of the Prime Minister's Office and their families, to fly to Bahrain, to encourage the team, and prevented the rest of the fans. A source in the Foreign Ministry, in a statement [where] today, "The Ministry of Transportation has allowed a plane carrying staff of the Office of Prime Minister and their families to fly to Bahrain to encourage the Iraqi team and prevented employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the rest of the fans registered to go to Manama."
    And apologized the morning Seairenyh authorities for granting visas to Iraqi Fans, at the time allowed for [42] Emirates plane carrying fans to encourage their team.
    The Iraqi national team faces his UAE counterpart this evening at the Bahrain National Stadium to compete for the Cup Gulf Cup 21.

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    Sadr confirms its support for the position of religious authority on meeting the legitimate demands of the demonstrators


    on 1/18/2013 | Author AN | readings 17 |
    BAGHDAD / electronic integrity Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr, leader of the Sadrist movement, support for the position of religious authority on meeting the legitimate demands of the demonstrators, calling the offices of the martyr Sadr sticking consolidated media announcements on these events taking place in several provinces in Iraq.

    A statement issued by the Special Bureau for released today received "integrity electronic" copy, "implementation of the directives chest regarding demonstrations and sit-ins that are currently in a number of governorates of Iraq, it was decided to be media statements uniform, do not go out for the following points, and otherwise bear who violates this trend all the necessary consequences. "

    He pointed out that "Mr. Sadr supports the position of the religious demands to meet the legitimate demands of the demonstrators and the specialists that apply Article 4 terrorism, fairly and impartially and without injustice and prejudice and the application of the law of accountability and justice, fairly and without injustice and prejudice."

    The statement called for "the release of innocent detainees across spend impartial, and speed up the trial of others," adding that "marginalization and exclusion is the dominant policy in the dealings of the government in general and the prime minister in particular, so we call de facto partnership, seriousness and true."

    He added that "there is negligence by the government regarding the service files, they must strive to serve the people not to install chairs."

    The Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr called on his followers to demonstrate on Friday in solidarity with the victims of bombings in Quetta, Pakistan.

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    Economist: the need to amend the legal and investment banks to attract investors to the country

    He economist Hamid al-Musawi, the importance of a legal amendment banks and investment format facilitates the work of investors and encourage them to invest in Iraq.
    Moussawi said (of the Agency news) Friday said the Iraqi banking sector needs to support a government restructuring and make it keep pace with international banks by amending its law format that allows him in investment and participation to create a banking system Rezin attractive for investment.
    adding that the Investment Law No. (13) for the year (2006) lacks some paragraphs and necessary materials which can in turn help to facilitate the task of investors to work in Iraq and guarantee their rights.
    and pointed out that Iraq is an integrated environment to invest, but at the same time is repellent to investors because of strict instructions issued by the laws and the boring routine and long in reviewing the state departments.
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