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    Good mornin' Darlin Chattels

    Urgent .. Iraqi army force to prevent dozens of Baghdad residents and the current Khalisi from participating in the demonstration Anbar
    Date: 01/04/2013 12:23:03 Friday

    Anbar (news) .. Iraqi army forces prevented dozens of people from access to the highway, where a demonstration and sit-place in the city of Fallujah.

    A source in the leadership of the demonstrations to the Agency (news): The strength of the army prevented arrived represents mainstream Khalisi, in addition to a group of young people came from Baghdad to participate in the demonstrations "Juma withstand".

    He added: that the force asked them to return, and refused passage, reached the place of the demonstration. / End / 17. N. P /

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    Muqtada al-Sadr: legitimate demands of the demonstrators .. And will send a delegation to Inbar to participate with them and their support
    Date: 01/04/2013 11:54:50 Friday

    Baghdad (news) .. announced leader of the Sadrist movement Muqtada al-Sadr's support for the demonstrations that will come out in the provinces of Iraq, announced that he would send a delegation to Anbar province is represented in support of the demonstrators.

    Sadr said in a statement to reporters, including reporter Agency (news) during a visit to the Church of Our Lady of Deliverance in Baghdad: The legitimate demands of the demonstrators Jmiha except cancel the de-Baathification law.

    He added: will send a delegation to the province of Anbar represents the Sadrist movement in the demonstration and supported the demands of the demonstrators. /

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    Kartani urges Maliki to be wise in dealing with current crisis
    Friday, 04 January 2013 10:50 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Hamza al-Kartani, of the Iraqiya Slate called "The Premier, Nouri al-Maliki, to be wise in dealing with the current crisis."

    He stated to All Iraq News Agency (AIN) "Maliki should give the political partners their merits after the failure of the efforts to support the national reconciliation."

    "Adherence to dictatorship and monopolization has a definite end which is known to all," he added.

    "Maliki has to respond to the demonstrators' demands immediately to avoid critical consequences," he stressed, assuring that "The IS used to call to accomplish the national balance yet we did not see any response in this regard."

    "The Government and the State of Law Coalition are responsible because they confront any attempt to accomplish the balance," he mentioned.

    "Unfortunately, all the IS attempts failed and the government is going on in creating the crises to avoid implementing the former agreements," he concluded.

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    Arresting citizens instead of wanted ones represents violations to human rights, says MP
    Friday, 04 January 2013 13:55 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Mohammed Eqbal, of the Iraqiya Slate stated "The violations of the human rights and arresting the citizens instead of the wanted ones are continued without judicial warrants."

    Speaking to All Iraq News Agency (AIN), he said "The issue of the human rights is related to the rights in providing good living and peace and not for one side where there is a high ratio of unemployment and illiteracy and these are indicators on the decline of the human rights in Iraq."

    "The violations happened since 2003 till the present day where the international reports state that the ratio of violating the human rights in Iraq is still high," he concluded.

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    Dahlaki warns Government from confronting demonstrations by force
    Friday, 04 January 2013 09:49 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Raad al-Dahlaki, of the Iraqiya Slate warned the Government from confronting the demonstrations by force.

    He stated to All Iraq News Agency (AIN) "Scattering the demonstrations using force will have negative consequences so we have to be wise in dealing with this issue."

    "Iraqis are powerful while the government is temporary so it must present the services and to deal in a wise way to respond to the demonstrators' demands," he concluded.

    Anbar, Nineveh and Salah-il-Din provinces witness demonstrations since days in protest of arresting the guards of the Finance Minister, Rafi al-Esawi, and calling to release the detainees in addition to getting the IA forces from the cities.

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    Hakim, Sadr discuss political situation
    Friday, 04 January 2013 09:06 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) –The head of the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council, Ammar al-Hakim, received the head of the Sadr Trend, Muqtada al-Sadr, on last Friday.

    The reporter of AIN stated "Hakim received Sadr and they discussed the political situation in the country and the current crisis as well as the regional situation."

    "The two leaders held a press conference where Hakim called to adopt dialogue to respond to the constitutional demands while Sadr urged the Government to unify the stances to build Iraq," the reporter concluded.

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    SLC MP: Anbar, Mosul demonstrations represent foreign agenda
    Friday, 04 January 2013 10:12 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Kadhim al-Bahadli, of the State of Law Coalition attacked the demonstrations in Anbar and Mosul pointing out "These demonstrations do not represent Iraqis rather they represent foreign agenda."

    Speaking to All Iraqi News Agency (AIN), he said "All sides know that the Iraqi National Alliance supports the political accord and the national interests but not releasing the criminals who killed the Iraqis."

    "The demonstrators call for releasing the criminals and the murderers who killed the Shabak and Turkmen in Mosul and those who were behind the bombings targeted the religious ceremonies," he assured.

    He called "The Iraqis to confront these demonstrations which seek destroying the country," stressing "The citizens' right in conducting demonstration but their demands must be constitutional away from the foreign conspiracies that want to eliminate the political process."

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    Shara rules out implementing some of demonstrators' demands by Government
    Friday, 04 January 2013 11:14 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Furat al-Shara, ruled out implementing some of Anbar demonstrators' demands by the Government.

    Speaking to All Iraqi News Agency (AIN), he said "There are principals endorsed through laws which can not be cancelled like the Debaathfication law and the Article 4 of Anti-Terrorism Law," noting that "These laws legislated to support the national interests but can be amended rather than cancelled."

    "These demonstrations were peaceful and civilized but some sides in these demonstrations want Iraq to be sectarian and divided," he mentioned.

    He called "To keep the demonstrations to keep the demonstrations under the laws and the constitution to express their demands."

    He urged "The Government to consider these demands objectively to accomplish what is possible according to the constitution and the national interests."

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    Regional, internal political sides aim at toppling regime in Iraq, says Batiekh
    Friday, 04 January 2013 11:54 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) –The White bloc accused regional and internal political sides of working on toppling the regime in Iraq.

    The Secretary General of the White bloc, Jamal al-Batiekh, stated to All Iraq News Agency (AIN) "There are hidden sides including Turkey and Qatar in addition to internal sides who aim at changing the political regime in Iraq to divide the country."

    "Some Socialist leaders want to consolidate tension in Iraq and have a great desire to restore the past so the demonstrations of Anbar province are political," he added.

    "No one knows to which extent these political partners will escalate the situation in the country," he concluded.

    Anbar, Nineveh and Salah-il-Din provinces witness demonstrations since days in protest of arresting the guards of the Finance Minister, Rafi al-Esawi, and calling to release the detainees in addition to getting the IA forces from the cities.

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    White bloc to boycott urgent session of parliament next Sunday, says Mayahi
    Friday, 04 January 2013 13:20 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Aziz Shareef, of the White bloc announced boycotting the urgent session of the parliament that the Speaker, Osama al-Nijaifi, called for on next Sunday.

    The leader within the White bloc stated to AIN "Solving the disputes is among the duties of the parliament but the violations accompanied the demonstrations of Anbar and Mosul provinces resulted in losing the legitimacy of its announced goals."

    "Nijaifi's prejudice towards these demonstrations instead of playing the role as mediator to solve them as a Speaker," he added.

    "For these things, the White bloc reject attending the exceptional session that Najafi called for since it was planned by the sides that supported the security violations and the sit-ins," he continued.

    He warned from turning the parliament into a mean to grant legitimacy for these sit-ins.

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