" The Dinar Daily " ... 1 January 2013 ..." Happy New Year "
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    " The Dinar Daily " ... 1 January 2013 ..." Happy New Year "

    IS accuses Federal Court of issuing political decision
    Tuesday, 01 January 2013 08:54 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) –The Iraqiya Slate accused the Federal Court of issuing political decisions.

    The spokesperson of the IS, Maysoun al-Damlouji, stated to AIN "Some political blocs attempt to keep the Federal Court under its control because the Court was not formed after 2003 to interpret the constitution rather it was formed to approve the results of the elections."

    "Any decision to be issued by this Court we can notice it to be political and serving the Premier, Nouri al-Maliki," she mentioned.

    "For us the decisions of the Federal Court is illegitimate," she concluded.


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    Federal Court has no right to interpret Iraqi Constitution, says MP
    Tuesday, 01 January 2013 09:22 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) -MP Muhsen al-Sadoun of the Kurdistani Democratic Alliance stressed that the Federal Court has no right to interpret the Constitution's terms.

    Sadoun, member of the Parliamentary Legal Committee, added in a statement to AIN that "The federal court is not specialized in interpreting the Constitution's provisions because the court was established according to the law No. 30 for 2005 i.e. it was formed before the polling on the Constitution, therefore the court was set up under the state administration, hence it has nothing to do with the interpretations of the constitution."

    "The Constitution gave the right for ten MPs or any parliamentary committee to present proposals for laws," he added.

    Sadoun continued saying "As for the legal challenge of the Iraqi judiciary as a whole, it is illegal where each investigative issue has more than one judge so we stress that the judiciary is independent."


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    Urgent .. Sadr told al-Maliki: made Iraq Masquerades and all nations against us

    Twilight News / accused cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, Tuesday, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that Iraq has made "farce", adding that al-Maliki to work on that all the states in a hostile position against Iraq.

    Muqtada al-Sadr said in a press conference held in the province of Najaf attended by "Twilight News", "threshold Maliki hoping to lift the injustice, I tell him where you are from reference, from prisons and its prisoners, why stick to the chair?"

    Sadr called Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki "to be fair and not interfere elimination."

    He explained that "al-Maliki to make all nations against us and made Iraq farce, and sought to smuggle spoilers."

    The cleric Moqtada al-Sadr refused, earlier, to resort to "sectarianism" in the resolution of problems and disputes facing the political process in the country, while stressing the inability to build on Iraq "dictatorship one Awalhzb".

    Sadr said, addressing the people of Anbar in a statement issued by his office received "Twilight News" copy, "I heard your appeal and I'm a servant of the Inbar and folks Anbar, has learned to be for all that you Shiite heard Astagattkm of war against the government against (Iraq's Sunnis)."

    The political situation in the country significant tension over the arrest of the protection and the Federal Minister of Finance Rafie al-Issawi.

    Many cities were from the provinces of Anbar and Nineveh has seen massive demonstrations and civil disobedience started since last week to demand the release of detainees, especially women prisoners, and the abolition of the anti-terrorism law and "stop the marginalization" of the year. And some of the protesters demanded the abolition of the political process.

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    Urgent .. Chest: pictures of Saddam prevented me from participating Anbar demonstrati

    Twilight News / announced cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, Tuesday, ready to go to Anbar to participate in the protests continued for days, and as pointed out that raising the pictures of Saddam and logos sectarianism prevented him from earlier, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to throw his resignation "willing" .

    Sadr said, in a press conference held in Najaf attended by "Twilight News", "I wanted to go to Anbar, but I amended it because raising pictures of Saddam and chanting sectarian slogans."

    And between the chest, "I am ready to send a delegation to Anbar, and go."

    He predicted that Anbar will continue to protest as long as politicians politicians Thus, adding "threshold of raising pictures of Saddam as it should be their demands for Iraq."

    With regard to the invitation of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to hold early elections Sadr added, "if he wants Maliki Fleurma his resignation."

    He has board yesterday to hold early elections in the country, be synchronized with the local elections.

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    Special Report: Maliki revenge on demonstrators Anbar campaign of raids and mass arrests

    Two days ago exposed the city of Abu Ghraib (in Iraq lies within the province of Anbar, west of the capital Baghdad, east of the city of Fallujah) to fierce attack by "the Muthanna Brigade" that included arrests and raids and collective punishments! Until this moment were arrested nearly 200 people of different ages of the children exclusively year.

    Since yesterday Saturday, December 29, at 8 am, was cordoned off Abu Ghraib in full, so that no one enters or goes out, were cut electricity to the population, is still the arrests will continue until this moment is overseen by "the Muthanna Brigade" notorious and known his crimes against the people at Abu Ghraib.

    Sources indicate that the arrests random, so there is little house by men 15 years of age and older only and is Mdthmth, and areas cut off limbs, and roads were closed with dirt, both main roads or subsidiary within regions, and shops are all closed as well as schools, and are unable to out of their homes.

    It is worth mentioning that the Muthanna Brigade (Brigade or 24) is the banner of a sectarian dirty practiced since he took responsibility for the Abu Ghraib area in 2008, the worst types of insult and humiliation to this city with a Sunni majority.

    The events of the past two days, perhaps as punishment for protesters in Anbar, to prove that the government is still able to target a year and punished whenever she wants, or to lure demonstrations to near Baghdad, then Sfal Maliki government security issue to engage in an armed confrontation early.

    Observers believe watchers that what is going on in Abu Ghraib now prove that the al-Maliki person bouncing evasive promises called the protesters consider their legitimate demands, but at the same time sending its forces to punish dirty thousands of Sunnis in Abu Ghraib.

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    Analysts: uprising Iraq will not rest until it achieved its goals

    Analysts: uprising Iraq will not rest until it achieved its goals

    Doha - Anatolia
    Iraqi political analysts have guessed that the protests taking place in their country will not rest until it achieved its goals.

    They said in remarks over the phone what they described as "the prosthetic solutions" that turn to the government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to respond partially to the demands of the demonstrators will not work, because the roof of the demands of the demonstrators climbed to change the political process in Iraq as a whole.
    Considered one of those analysts that the Maliki two options "either to leave voluntarily or drop it Almentvdon", stressing that "the protests will arrive at his headquarters in Baghdad."
    The researcher said Iraqi political analyst Abdul Wahab Qassab in a statement: "The uprising started and will not rest until it achieved its goals."
    He continued: "Iraqi society reached a state of despair and frustration made ​​Intifada an obligation to send a clear message and a strong Maskin power in Iraq that they should be aware of requests masses and enter fundamental reforms remove double standards and arrests illegal and marginalization."
    And on the feasibility of measures taken by the Maliki government in a bid to end the protests, especially after the announcement of the launch of a number of detainees this week, said butcher "will not stop the uprising when they release some detainees, did not rise up people on the cost of the application launch discharged prisoners, people rebelled because there is injustice and unfairness reality they clear result of the sectarian equation fragmentation ".
    And that "the main objective of the uprising of the Iraqi people, which began in Anbar province and escalated to other parts of Iraq, and will not subside without achieving it, break the equation imposed by the occupation in Iraq, the equation fragmentation sectarian and ethnic, and end dependency Iraqi government double now for each of the regime in Iran and America, and to return Iraq to its Arab element in the regional balance equation, "he said.
    And that "these goals supported by every Iraqi citizen a free Sharif"

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    Urgent Urgent: Photo tortured detainee (Omar Ibrahim Mzaal spherical), who died of torture in prisons Maliki yesterday in Diyala first few days after his arrest

    Urgent Urgent: Photo tortured detainee (Omar Ibrahim Mzaal spherical), who died of torture in prisons Maliki yesterday in Diyala first few days after his arrest

    Occupied Baghdad - conscious - particularly

    We publish below pictures show torture suffered by the detainee (Omar Ibrahim Mzaal spherical), who died as a result of torture, and we have deployed in (INA) news sooner

    For a better picture click the link:


    Author: Iraq - 15:43:52 12/31/2012've included the news of the death of the detainee (Omar Ibrahim Mzaal spherical) reads as follows news as we published

    Urgent Urgent: the death of the detainee (Omar Ibrahim Mzaal football) as a result of torture in the prison of the Office for Combating Crimes Baquba

    INA - special

    Detainee died (Omar Ibrahim Mzaal spherical) under torture in the prison of the Office to Combat Crimes of Baquba in Diyala province, a few days after his arrest from his home in Jalawla in Diyala.

    Note that the deceased detainee had denied the charges against him before the investigating judge in Jalawla yesterday and after the denial, the judge ordered re-investigation in Baquba crimes office to force him to confess, and was interrogated in Baquba and tortured to death.

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    Arab youth bless the Iraqi people and the revolution Maliki added to the list of symb

    Arab youth bless the Iraqi people and the revolution Maliki added to the list of symbols Arab dictatorship, which dropped

    Aziz Khalil - INA

    Many on Arab youth through the pages of the social networking Facebook and Twitter support for the revolution of the Iraqi people to get rid of the system of corruption and dictatorship in Iraq, Vahmd Metwally from Egypt spread across his own Ptoatr pictures of demonstrations popular in Iraq, commenting upon Here a new round of winds of change ridden regulations dictatorship in the region blessed mobility Iraqi popular in this change, wishing them victory over the dictator Maliki and the demise of his reign as soon as possible, while Nasim Sabri Palestine commented on the popular uprising in Iraq, saying I was astonished all Arabs from delayed revolution Iraqi people although the Maliki regime was tougher ferocity and dictatorship of the Arab regimes that have fallen, although the Iraqi revolution came late but it came with new momentum and a strong gave Iraq its position known to him by a state maker glories, while beautiful Issa of Jordan said at the victory of this revolution, God willing, will return Iraq kidnapped an Iranian to his home original Arabic, all Arabs Ihyuncm O Iraqis and total pull on your hands and want Iraq skull Arabs advancement again and strongly, and among the demonstrators in Jordan have raised flags of Iraq and the Syrian Revolution last Friday victory and support for them under the banner of Arab people and one .. One Heart

    The Zaher Al-Ghamdi from Saudi Arabia, said the long wait all Arabs to donate the brotherly Iraqi people to deny all accusations that البسها him Maliki regime that Iraq on the brink of civil war and that Iraq is about to disintegrate, it is seen this popular masses in Iraq as it emerges in all parts of Iraq Sunni beside Shiite Turkmen side Kurdish and Arab lined the heart of one man to face this dictator tyrant Maliki Vsaalm all Arabs that Iraq is still okay as long as it these men and would be okay more and more when they can expel all the symbols of corruption and labor on the land of Iraq and Atehroha them and on top of client traitor Nouri Maliki, at the end of round support Arab initiated by some Arab youth on the pages of social networking Facebook and Twitter in support of the popular revolt major in Iraq and that we could pick out some little ones in this report was written Samer Silawi of Syria, saying thanks to the Syrian revolution in Syria and the overthrow of Assad we cut man of the Iranian regime in the Arab region and actively Iraqi youth and overthrow the system Maliki will cut off the second man of the Iranian regime in the region and the Iranian regime will remain كسيح, God willing.

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    Sheikh Khaled Al-Mulla: Maliki issued a special pardon for the more than 700 prisoners detained on criminal charges

    Baghdad: Euphrates News} president of Jamiat Ulema Iraq, Sheikh Khalid Al Mulla, said Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki issued a special pardon for the more than 700 prisoners detained on criminal charges.

    Mulla said in a press statement that "all prisoners will be deported in the coming days to prisons in Mhafezathen."

    The Minister of Justice Hassan Shammari announced at a news conference yesterday that the number of prisoners held in prisons of the country is 980 inmates and no whom identified with imprisoned relatives. Ended

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    {Baghdad: Euphrates News} attributed the National Alliance MP Ali Kurd Husseini reasons postponed the announcement of the separation of State of Law coalition led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to death of Imam Hussein {p}, noting that he "will announce the reasons for the separation after Arbain directly and press conference" .

    Said Haji told {Euphrates News} Today I suspended my membership in the coalition of state law for a while and I wanted to announce the reasons for separatist him with a press conference, but coincided death of Imam Hussein {p} and concern everyone visit prevented the conference, "adding," I postponed it until after the visit to announce the formal separation and a statement of the reasons in front of all the media. "

    And about joining a new coalition after his release from a coalition of state law, said Haggai, "I prefer to be independent deputies to be in another coalition, but I will not go out for the National Alliance."

    The Kurdish MP Ali Haji-Husseini announced his suspension from the State of Law coalition earlier, without giving reasons.

    Husseini belonged to the mass independent, led by Hussein al-Shahristani, a coalition of state law and was nominated for the province of Karbala and won Amqad is a member of the Committee of Labor and Social Affairs was born in 1970 parliamentary and got 17 thousand votes in the 2010 elections.

    The current session witnessed the withdrawal of five deputies for the rule of law are Safiya al-Suhail and Jawad Albzona Manal al-Musawi and Hussein al-Asadi {freeze membership} In addition to Ali Husseini Kurdish. Ended 2

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