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    conf call

    I was wondering if there was a date set for the next call?

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    Hey there Richard!!

    There will probably be a call this week but the day and time have not been announced. We'll plaster it around the forum ... Watch here and also watch the intro post for the daily chat log.

    PS - newmonies will be getting in touch with you soon.
    If you think today is good, just wait til tomorrow!!

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    Thank You Mona.

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    Yes, I Thank you too!
    By the way.......Have you hugged your Dinar today?
    I just want to add, I will hug it, and kiss it, and love it, and call it George!
    ولعل الجمال الى الف لكم مرحلتي الكرات. إذن, يا السلاح التدني!
    أريد فقط أن أضيف أنني سوف عناق لها ، وقبلة لها ، والحب ، والذي يطلق عليه جورج!

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    New call today ... 2pm cst check the Call Announcement threads!!

    If you think today is good, just wait til tomorrow!!

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