Massoud Barzani of the Kurdistan Alliance to support Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and give him the confidence to become prime minister, expressed the readiness of the Kurds for "processing" put Maliki on their own, if you prefer other powers silence.

Masood said Barzani in an interview with the term seen by "when he fell Saddam Hussein could not al-Maliki said Iraq is entering from the center or the south, but came to Kurdistan and we who Shlna him access to Baghdad, then دعمناه over and those of us who've granting confidence and make it as prime minister" .

On the calendar political situation said Barzani "We are ready to tackle the situation Maliki alone if other powers prefer silence, but we are keen very keen to be there a national solution and pause involving all Iraqi forces and the masses of Parliament to curb this behavior and this technique in the management of the state."

He stressed that no decision has been taken without reference to the Kurdish forces and Kurdish parties, including the opposition.

He said, "Finally we agreed across all Kurdish parties meeting to send a letter to the National Alliance and all other Iraqi forces, and will not make any decision without referring to the Kurdish parties."

He added that "the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki did not abide by the agreement of Arbil and undone Vtathert relationship with all political partners and tried to forget all agreements quickly, meaning it is forgotten the agreements made at the head of the government, as it did not come direct election presidential, did not come a military coup, but by Parliament, however claimed Atafran parliamentary blocs and political deal. "

Barzani asked "Why silent blocks for breach of the agreements and did not step appropriate? Personally I announced my remarks, but it seemed like I want to create problems, Vlzimt silence period, but things reached a degree is no longer with her silence justified. "

The formation of the Operations Command Tigris by the head of government and commander in chief of the armed forces Nuri al-Maliki to oversee the security forces in the provinces of Kirkuk and Diyala, Salahuddin turning point in tensions between Arbil and Baghdad after met with his move rejected by the leaders of the province and the provincial council in Kirkuk. term