Talabini cannot attack Maliki without shooting himself along with him. Talabibi was listed as one of the newly found billionaires on the middle east list of billionaires. On his salary this is quite a feat. IMHO that's why he ran the first time claiming a health problem hoping this would be resolved before he came back. He just wants to stay out of it but he keeps getting sucked back into it. He is as corrupt as Maliki and if he is seen to go after Maliki. Maliki has him by the ying yang. In the early days Maliki sucked in a lot of guys this very same way allowing them to get rich during a period when there was very little accountability for money. So - IMHO - it would really surprise me if Talabini doesn't just retire and leave the country. He hates Maliki but is powerless (because of blackmail) in stopping him. Let Maliki win. Just RV the currency. Tlar / DinarDetectives