Iraqi government sources said yesterday that the Russian arms deal worth $ 4.2 billion entered into by Iraq recently, and decides canceled,

Overthrown if a group of senior officials close to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and involved the conclusion of the transaction, and pointed out that the fate of the arms deal signed with the Czech Republic will be a cancellation.

He media adviser to Prime Minister Ali al-Moussawi in touch cancel arms deal, Russian and said that «of corruption accompanied the signing of the deal arming the Iraqi army, prompting Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to cancel», and pointed out that Maliki «ordered an investigation to find out details of the case and disclosure those involved.

But sources close to Maliki revealed the involvement of a group of senior officials around him that the deal through amounts bribes amounted to $ 200 million was due to paid intermediaries them for purchase of aircraft «MiG-29» and 30 helicopter assault rifles «Mi - 28», 42 «Pantsir - S 1, a missile systems - Russian-made atmosphere.

The sources told Al-Hayat that the group involved with the deal they got seed money for signing that is to get the remaining amount as soon as the Iraq repay the full amount.

The sources pointed out that «the amounts ranged between 25 million and 60 million dollars, is the quotas were supposed to get them about 11 people involved in the arms deal, without specifying their names each, brokers and agents.

It confirmed that the deal struck at the same time to buy weapons and Czech training aircraft worth about one billion dollars may be canceled in the coming days because it signed by the same group involved in the Russian deal. The mass of the Kurdistan Alliance expressed adamantly refused to arm the Iraqi army with Russian weapons, demanded «Iraqi List» offer to Parliament before they are implemented. A member of the security and defense committee parliamentary Hamid al-Mutlaq, said his committee «will follow up information about the existence of financial corruption in the arms deal Russia, and that« the Commission will take the necessary measures in the event that the validity of that information »., Adding that« ambiguous large and blurry surrounding this deal and suspicions corruption financial and administrative ». between Mutlaq said« the amount of corruption in the deal so huge and there's involvement for some people », pointing out that« the deal was rejected by many members of the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary who are certain about the existence of corruption in which ». was Chairman of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee Bahaa al-Araji stated in a press conference yesterday that the committee «sent an official letter demanding Prime Minister and Commander of the Armed Forces Nouri al-Maliki to cancel the arms deal, which was held with Russia because of corruption, and that the latter had agreed to cancel the transaction and the formation of an ad hoc committee of professional includes people who have gone to contract in the first time. oasis of freedom follow

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