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    " the Dinar Daily " .......... 12 November 2012 .......... .......

    Currency Auctions
    Announcement No. (2253)
    The latest daily currency auction was held in the Central Bank of Iraq on the 12-NOV-2012. The results were as follows:
    Number of banks
    Auction price selling dinar / US$
    Auction price buying dinar / US$
    Amount sold at auction price (US$)
    Amount purchased at Auction price (US$)
    Total offers for buying (US$)
    Total offers for selling (US$)

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    Economist holds Iran responsible for money laundering and currency smuggling
    Posted: November 12, 2012 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
    Tags: Baghdad, Central bank, Central Bank Iraq, Economy of Iraq, iran, Iraq, Monday, Money laundering

    By: Bian4
    Date: Monday 11/12/2012 04:08 pm

    Baghdad / WAP / Download an economist Husam Obeid, the Iranian side, the direct responsibility for money laundering operations and currency smuggling from Iraq.

    The chairman said group banks (the economy for investment and funding) in a press statement received news agency Baghdad International / WAP / copy on Monday that “money laundering and smuggling currency out of the country began to grow in Iraq since the encouragement of the Iranian embassy in Baghdad, Considering that Iran is the beneficiary of that because of the blockade imposed on it for failing to implement international resolutions and laws. “

    He added that “the economic situation in Iraq so far is disciplined as in the case of the security situation, there are elements of their work is the main smuggling money in collusion with some related devices, and this thing could happen in any country is shifting from a totalitarian system to a democratic system of electoral and address this dangerous phenomena need a period of time may extend to the emergence of a new generation and is in the meantime issuing new laws and legislation. “

    He continued, “There are a number of measures fast can be taken to reduce the phenomenon of money laundering, the most important of more privatization of production facilities and more economic openness and more taxes with canceled tax inclusiveness and economic reforms radical and find a real role for the private sector in the Iraqi economy.”


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    Editorial: What are the responsibilities of the CBI?
    Posted: November 12, 2012 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
    Tags: bank of england, Central bank, London, Saudi Arabia, United States

    On: Tuesday 11/06/2012 07:50 pm
    The first episode
    D. Peace Sumaisem

    Uproar that filled skies finally, overwhelmed by a lot of confusion, and the most important thing was clear from this is confusion clear understanding of what the central bank originally, and what monetary policy, and why this wrestle in presenting concepts, and to what extent the intervention process of interpretation in this latest crisis??

    Starting with: What is the Central Bank??

    Central Bank is a public institution of any government .. But independent and so it means an institution with financial and administrative independence they do not follow the government in the sense of activity independent of the ministries, And administratively usually associated with the Prime Minister or the head of state directly .. The Central Bank and several functions .. Including:

    First: to maintain monetary stability in the country, and through

    A. Maintaining an acceptable inflation rate and stable.

    B. Maintaining the stability of the currency exchange rate and ensure the viability of converting it.

    C. Maintaining the structure of interest rates is compatible with the size of the economic activity in the country (but without limitation, as a market economy requires, according to Adam Smith and the classical school of modern left prices affected up and down according to the market mechanism and without government interference).

    D. Maintain an optimal level of liquidity in line with the requirements of economic activity.

    E. Maintain the country’s reserves of foreign currencies, gold and bonds and Manlv kinds of reserves and invested.

    Second: the issuance of currency and ensure the viability of conversion and through:

    A. Monetary printing and harmonization of currency issued and cash withdrawn from circulation to preserve the money supply.

    B. Maintain cash from fraud detection and public awareness security markings to distinguish real cash for false.

    C. Meet the needs of the domestic market of foreign currency.

    D. Monitor the exchange rates of major currencies and monitor the work of banking institutions.

    Maintaining the integrity of the banking system in the country through:

    Third / Banking Control and validation work and the safety of their financial position in accordance with the instructions of the Central Bank, which are usually based on international standards as the Basel Committee standards.

    4. Maintaining the national payments system (which is the mechanism by which pay financial obligations between government institutions and banks in the country) and to maintain the integrity and developed continuously.

    Is there a state without a central bank?

    No, there must be a monetary authority in any country manages and monitors markets

    Cash and credit are a locally based system of payments .. The changed nomenclature may not be

    On behalf of the Central Bank, but on behalf of the Monetary Authority, for example .. As in Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority, in

    Also occupied Palestine Palestinian Monetary Authority (PMA), in the United States named the Reserve Bank
    Federal .. But the name that is more common in the world is the central bank

    The Central Bank is one of the most important financial institutions and the mainstay of the monetary and financial structure in every country in the world, and activities are very important, and that his presence is necessary for the implementation of the government’s financial policies and plays an important role in the implementation of economic policy in the state.

    The origins and nature of the Central Bank

    The word of the Central Bank were not known before the beginning of the twentieth century, but the emergence of the most important functions central bank in the commercial banks that had already appearing historically, and became de development center for monetary system and banking unique privilege of monetary issuance then to turn later to what is known as central banks.

    Origins and Evolution of the Central Bank:

    The central banks have evolved in two ways: one was lazy way of evolution and example Executive of this is Bank English and who began as a commercial bank and over the years has been completed has the authority and responsibilities of the central bank. During the process of evolution is difficult to say when the Bank is the English commercial bank and became Bank central and on the contrary Many banks such as Fed that were central banks from the outset that is, they are subject to government authority that although ownership shareholders The following review of the origins and evolution banks version, which later became the central banks and we will focus on the oldest banks in terms of origination.

    Bank of Sweden sevrige riks banque, founded in 1656 is one of the oldest banks Building: Bank special reorganized as a bank, a State Year 1667 and the development of the bank until it became a central bank, enjoyed a monopoly issue paper money and make sure that monopoly law passed in 1809 and the bank continued to state appointed by the King governor and elected legislature directors six, has succeeded this bank retained a high degree of autonomy in all matters relating to monetary policy and management, and succeeded in driving the Swedish financial system.

    Bank of England: banque of england It is said historically among economists that it represents the evolution of principles and art and the work of central banks, was founded in 1604 as a bank special through public subscription by a group of financial relevant government for the purpose of lending the British government exaggerated arrived in its entirety to 1.2 million pounds is all capital Bank’s cash at that time.

    Which made the British government granted the bank franchise issuing paper money in 1708 but did not bank only version In 1826, the government granted the privilege issue paper money to a group of banks has taken the form of joint stock companies, which spread in the regions away from the scope of the Department based in London, and in 1961 alone on Bank of England monopoly franchise monetary issuance, the Bank of England has continued as a private enterprise until 1946 when the British government Btamima.

    This expansion in the relationship the Bank of England government owner expansion in jobs bank to become the government’s banker and adviser and agent to them, which gave the Bank of England a center of excellence among other banks which have tended automatically to maintain accounts with the Bank of England, bringing the Bank of England de facto repository of reserves gold State and repository of cash reserves to private banks, which allowed the Bank of England to settle differences clearing between transactions banks among themselves, and development was the next to accept the Bank of England and the layer lender of last resort in the context of blame for conservation on the safety device credit of the state in addition to his responsibility to maintain the integrity of the currency and after consecutive England crises during the years 1848-1858-1866.

    The success of the Bank of England to use his money during this crisis led to the enjoyment of the status of literary forces between the banks and the support of its final position as the Central Bank of England and encouraged the creation of central banks in other countries in the world.

    And until the mid-twentieth century established in every country in the world banks have enjoyed monopoly on issuing paper money, took it upon themselves reached by the Bank of England, which became the key functions of the central bank.
    The treaty came Brussels was the most important Tusianha need to establish a central bank in each country to protect the national currency and the conduct of monetary and banking system.

    What the central bank:

    Knows the central bank as a power organization that represents the monetary authority in the economy which stands at the top of the pyramid of the banking system in-market monetary and financial, that the central bank is working as a last resort to lend to banks in markets dependent on lead at issuing paper money (banknotes) accepted the force of law in all units economy, and returned what is the definition of central bank functions as an issuing bank legal and bank money to banks.

    Characteristics of the central bank:

    When we are exposed to personal cash is described as an institution or a central bank, it acts immediately to mind several concepts and certain properties totaling defines the framework and the legal nature of this character.

    A – is the first bank of any institution able to cash conversion of monetary assets to real assets.

    B – is not an ordinary bank one hand, the principle of gradient in the banking system occupies this institution center stage «top of the banking system»

    C – The property previous derive significant result associated with the principle else would distinguish the central bank from other banking institutions, namely the principle of unity, the central bank is the only institution can not imagine the multiplicity of units exported to criticism with independence from each other, each national economy and one central unit does not object to it that some countries follow a multi-bank system, such as the United States of America but that does not mean that only a division of labor does not negate the principle of unity of the central bank.

    D – Kmalk van units Monetary exported by the central bank characteristics, especially for other types of money (cash deposits), it is money Legal have legal tender is limited to repay debt and mediator of the swap acceptable to all any recipe sheet which represents the pinnacle of liquidity any is money.

    Does not accept the final conversion to any other type of money and there may be an exception to that particular regard to the type of open economies and characterized this money unit based unlike money farewell multiple forms multiple exporters.

    The budget central bank sources indicate bank money and enjoined the use of these funds is no different from the budget of any other source of where items components which include the liabilities and assets and that the main difference between the budget other banks is the key components of both sides of the assets and liabilities, in particular with regard to reserves of cash and effects on the money supply and domestic liquidity

    In order to identify the nature and importance of central bank activity

    Following table (1), which shows a summary of the central bank’s balance sheet

    Summary of the central bank’s balance sheet

    Assets assets liabilities hiabilities

    1) foreign assets
    2) the rights of the government
    3) rights to commercial banks
    4) rights to other institutions 1) cash reserves
    2) government deposits
    3) foreign liabilities
    4) Capital Accounts
    5) Other Liabilities

    Source: Nazim Mohammad Nouri al-Shammari, money and banking, monetary theory, Zahran Jordan House, 1994.

    The importance of identifying the financial position of the Central Bank: Observed when analyzing the components of the central bank’s balance sheet in terms of the notes match both sides of the accounting budget equal to the asset side with the liabilities side, but it is economically concerns us recognize how important change components on both sides despite of accounting Tsawehma order to reach the amount of cash or as Wisma cash basis the monetay base which in turn we can identify changes in the money supply, allowing monetary authorities to exercise their responsibilities in the oversight of bank credit and the implementation of appropriate monetary policy

    Perhaps the reader Karim he can be aware of the seriousness of this device and the sensitivity of its role in the life of the country and its people despite the quick review and simplified above Ragia ĘćÇŐáßă me as the modern relevance in the coming weeks

    The concepts remain the core of the process of interpretation of the meanings of the terms and the basis of the dispute and differences as well as compliance and compatibility …. Vale that Ntmm commentary conceptual us to meet another, God willing


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    CBI is witnessing a decline in sales of currency
    Posted: November 12, 2012 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
    Tags: Auction, Central bank, Central Bank Iraq, Currency, Dinar, exchange rate, Iraq, Iraqi dinar

    Published on Monday, October 12 2 / November 2012 13:18
    BAGHDAD / obelisk: auction saw the Central Bank of Iraq, Monday, a decline in sales of the dollar as the value of those sales, $ 176,655,000 at an exchange rate basis was 1166 dinars per dollar, after he had risen sharply in the session, on Sunday, and $ 191,423,000 dollars.

    The bulletin auction bank that the aggregate demand for the dollar distributed by $ 32,155,000 in cash, 500,000, 144 dollars in the form of remittances fully covered by the bank foreign exchange rate was 1179 dinars per dollar commission inclusive of the Central Bank amounting to 13 dinars per dollar.

    The bulletin indicated that the 24 participating banks at today’s auction did not make any offers to sell the dollar.

    The central bank held the Iraqi weekly auction of five meetings from Sunday to Thursday for the sale and purchase of foreign currency, and receive a cash commission on the sale and transfers of about 13 dinars per dollar.


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    CBI to achieve a rise in sales of currency
    Posted: November 12, 2012 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
    Tags: Baghdad, Central bank, Central Bank Iraq, Currency, dollar, exchange rate, Iraq, Iraqi dinar

    Published on Sunday, November 11 2 / November 2012 15:06

    Baghdad / obelisk: The CBI auction, Sunday, a rise in sales of the dollar value of $ 191,423,000 at an exchange rate basis was 1166 dinars per dollar, after it had fallen sharply in the session, over the past week to 181 million and 765 thousand dollars.

    The bulletin auction bank that the aggregate demand for the dollar distributed by $ 40,805,000 in cash, 618 000 150 dollars in the form of remittances fully covered by the bank foreign exchange rate was 1179 dinars per dollar commission inclusive of the Central Bank amounting to 13 dinars per dollar.

    The bulletin indicated that the 24 participating banks at today’s auction did not make any offers to sell the dollar.

    The central bank held the Iraqi weekly auction of five meetings from Sunday to Thursday for the sale and purchase of foreign currency, and receive a cash commission on the sale and transfers of about 13 dinars per dollar.


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    MP suggests senior Iraqi politicians are involved in $200B smuggling operation
    Posted: November 12, 2012 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
    Tags: Abdel Basset Turki, Abdul Basit Turki, Central bank, Central Bank Iraq, Committee, Juris Doctor, Money laundering, shabibi

    Sayadi reveals the involvement of the executive and legislative branches central bank file


    Confirmed Rep. independent MP Kazem Sayadi, implicated senior politicians in the state of smuggling $ 200 billion, denying his media names involved file the Central Bank.

    said Sayadi’s / JD /: The file central bank refers to the involvement of officials in the executive and legislative money laundering and smuggling out of the country, Mtdarka, but the Second Committee which was formed by the presidency of the parliament does not want to disclose the names involved. “

    and said: there names political and signed herself on the process of engaging some banks and institutions with money laundering, and the situation exploited to include some names politically motivated.

    denied Sayadi, to be told the names of suspected involvement with money laundering, pointing out that the Second Committee, which formed its purpose is only to cover up the names involved motivated political pressure away names by the Department of accusation.

    pointed out that the investigation final reveal the involvement of some staff smaller ones, while you go a lot of investigations, “the wind”

    and demanded Sayadi presidency of the parliament accrediting Commission’s investigation first, and then send the file to the Integrity Commission and the Iraqi judiciary, and the Bureau of Investigation in the Integrity announced the names involved to give them a chance to defend herself and did not find himself excuse , then it is better place for him to sit in jail and not representative of the Iraqi people, whether in government Alniveh or legislature.

    said independent MP: The Presidency of the Central Bank and signed the documents and invoices, then, is actually a common process of money laundering.

    was central bank governor article Shabibi had demanded, all documents which accused him of the Integrity Commission to money laundering in order to respond.

    Shabibi said defying’s / JD /: I demand the documents and books that refer to Torti money laundering in order to answer.

    revealed Shabibi he would respond to all charges against him, and prove his innocence, reports suspicious issued against him, stressing that the days next witness revealed all the facts.

    mentions that the judiciary has issued an arrest warrant for Shabibi Iraqi Central Bank Governor on the background of suspicions of money.

    According to the report submitted by the committee overseeing the central bank, which included both of the heads of the two financial, economic and Control Bureau financial supervision, First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Qusay al-Suhail: that investigations proved the existence of sale of foreign currency to banks and corporations themselves and that has smuggled to neighboring countries.

    mentions that the Cabinet decided to assign Prime BSA Abdul Basit Turki management position central bank governor and agency, with the issuance of Judicial Council arrest warrant against former central bank governor and a number of officials in corruption cases.

    revealed member Parliamentary Finance Committee Magda Tamimi that Abdel Basset Turki has prepared the report that has underpinned Parliament’s Committee in accusing the central bank governor.

    said Tamimi’s / JD /: Reports which accused the Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi and a number of officials and employees of the bank came as reports prepared by Abdul Basit Turki, who took acting governor of the bank, succeeding Hbibi, and provided to financial control.

    noteworthy that Magda Tamimi a Standing Committee members within the Knesset Finance to monitor and follow up the work of the Bank Central.

    objected placeholders on procedures intense taken on, yesterday cordoned off the central bank by the security forces to implement the arrest warrant against the bank’s employees accused of corruption according to the results of the report prepared by the Committee which was formed by the presidency of the parliament.

    and wished Tamimi that those who have been arrested already corrupt, could not have been among them innocent, and this action will affect the reputations of professional and social.

    noted it with justice procedures and the law, but not to promote the media and then issued arrest warrants.
    wondered member Parliamentary Finance Committee MP for the Liberal bloc: no action was taken quickly right Central Bank did not take with other ministries, what the political motivation of these actions?.


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    Damaged currency a problem for Iraqi citizens; Replacement currency due in November 2012
    Posted: November 12, 2012 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
    Tags: Baghdad, bank, Central bank, Central Bank Iraq, Central Bank of Myanmar, Currency, Dinar, Iraq

    11/11/2012 (23:00 pm)

    Currency damaged problem experienced by the citizen

    Car stopped Kia middle of the road forcing all passengers to disembark after scuffles, the amount of 1000 dinars was enough to ignite a sharp disagreement between the driver and one passenger after paying the last 1000 dinars ripped rejecting change pretext that most currency is damaged.

    repeated this problem with all citizens in all time and place, the employee Mayada Mohamed says in her “long” “Take the four cars in the day when you go back from my work and the problem of money damaged repeated every day.

    wondering, “Why not exchanged between each period and another. Especially in small denominations because they are more commonly used.

    inflation and currency damaged

    his part, member of the Association of Iraqi private banks Anwar Mustafa, in his “long” that “inflation is an essential part in the problem currency damaged, explaining that” the currency damaged composed because there enormous mass of money circulating in the market. “

    adding that “the mechanics replaced a great burden on the central bank and the government and private banks, suggesting” replaced coin instead of paper and remove zeros because it will be the amount of cash in the market lower.

    explaining that “package mechanisms to solve this problem linked third multiple government and not official about a particular sector and those responsible for the currency and its movement are banks, borders and economic environment, control and audit. “

    noting that “the mechanics of changing the currency almost agreed a matter of time after placing control mechanisms so as not to spill currency transferred by the central bank” currency Small more susceptible to damage economic Raad Janabi told the “term” that “small currency is more susceptible to damage, such as class 250 and 1000 dinars .. The more value be less susceptible to damage and paper currency, while up to a certain stage of damage should be replaced. ” and stressed that “the currency represent Iraq as a state and the people and civilization is defective to find papers torn and collage and appearance offends the feelings and affects the concept of aesthetic stuff.”

    specifications currency good professor of economics at the University of Mustansiriya Maytham Ismail al-Tamimi said the “long” specifications currency good, adding that “the Iraqi currency current made ​​of paper is tamper-proof and can not be easily damaged and light transport and trading and easily distinguish between different categories in terms of color and size,” noting “These specifications and not monetary value.”

    said Tamimi, “The currency exposed to damage in general and in all countries of the world, even if we compare the current currency Balti was used prior to 2003, we find that the currency currently holds the international standards of good, because the old was printed Bmtaba local and colors The original and the nature of the paper was not based not afford to international standards. ” explaining that “the proportion of damaged currency to Iraq today and even a few that were damaged are legal with Ibraa power and remain valuable even if Ttaul economy. Stressing that “the monetary authority should accept this currency without differences and when replaced in the bank must replace the same amount of material it and without paying any difference because they issued from the state, which is the legal”.

    offense and confirmed al-Tamimi said that “refusal to deal currency damaged is wrong illegal and legal, pointing out that “the rejection of banks currency exchange damaged illegality.” and said the “replacement does not mean issuing currency or print a new currency does not affect the economy and the market anything.”

    The Iraqi Central Bank announced last month signed a contract with British company to replace the currency damaged with new ones, stressing that the replacement process will be the beginning of the month of November, as pointed out that these currencies are only 1% of the currency in circulation in the market.

    said Deputy Governor of the Central Bank the appearance of Mohammed Saleh in an interview, “The Bank has contracted with a British company specialized printing currency to print in small denominations which the 250 dinars and the JD 1000, for the purpose of replacing damaged with new ones, “noting that” this company is one of the large companies, which are printed approximately 60% of the currencies of the world.

    “Saleh added that “November will begin replacing currencies damaged with new ones from the small groups,” adding that “all these currencies damaged constitute only 1% of the currency in circulation, which are many but the value of a few.”

    and citizens suffer from the difficulty of purchasing groups of small markets due to damage and rupture most especially the categories of the 250 and 1000 dinars. carried the CBI, on the tenth of April 2011, bank management responsibility currency traded damaged in the markets, warning of fines on banks uncooperative to the point of suspension, as he emphasized that what is being replaced of damaged currency in the bank does not exceed 30% of the actual damaged.


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    Saleh: If Chapter VII continues Iraq must adopt an economic system; Liberal (free market) system is on the escalation
    Posted: November 12, 2012 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
    Tags: Central Bank Iraq, Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, Deputy Governor, Economy of Iraq, Iraq, Mohammed Saleh, Saleh, United Nations Charter

    Study: Iraq’s economy is facing two options either liberal or return to the national central economic

    Posted 11/11/2012 05:25 AM

    Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said that Iraq’s economy is confusion among national liberal restricted to Chapter VII and the return to centralized economic control high on the movements of capital flowing outward.

    He noted in his study agency received National Iraqi News copy them to “The country lost production factors of labor and capital to settle in kegs outside the country, according to economic Maigal to about one million households or less livelihood for most financial transfers from within the country.”

    At the level of economic openness, Saleh said “Iraq could not before continuing isolation after 2003 on world markets but integration with regional markets and bear the problems of the current regional situation with that country remain remnants of Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations and regional changes.”

    He pointed out that “Iraq faces two choices either harmony with the movement lock neoliberal widening escalation, with carrying Problems Chapter VII imposed, or not to continue in the form of the liberal put arrangements economic and financial since 2003 holds being a way to alleviate international restrictions is Direct imposed on Iraq until the moment. “

    Alternate Translation:

    Study: Iraq’s economy faces two choices: either national or return to the liberal central economic

    Posted 11/11/2012 05: 25 AM

    Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Iraq’s economy witnessed a loss between national liberal restricted to Chapter VII and return to central economic control on capital movements flowing outwards.

    The study has received the national Iraqi news agency copy to “that country lost production factors of labour and capital to settle in the country as economic incubators told for about 1 million or less makes its living on financial transfers from within the country.”

    At the level of economic openness Saleh said “Iraq was unable to continue its isolation from world markets after 2003 but regional markets and integration with the current regional situation and problems with the country’s continued legacy of Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations and regional changes.

    He said Iraq faces either the harmony with the newly emerging liberal block escalation, with shoulder problems Chapter VII imposed on it, or not to continue to shape the liberal economic and financial arrangements since 2003 as an afterthought as a means to alleviate the international indirect constraints imposed on Iraq until the moment “.



    The term neoliberal is now normally associated with laissez-faire economic policies, and is used mainly by those who are critical of market reform.

    Economic liberalism is the ideological belief in organizing the economy on individualist lines, such that the greatest possible number of economic decisions are made by private individuals and not by collective institutions. It includes a spectrum of different economic policies, but it is always based on strong support for a market economy and private property in the means of production.

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    UN’s Kobler: UN appreciates the importance of Iraq seeking removal from CH VII and the UN strives to achieve this
    Posted: November 12, 2012 in Iraqi Dinar/Politics
    Tags: Chapter VII, Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, Iraq, kuwait, United Nations

    On: 2012-11-12 15: 21: 55 Monday

    Baghdad (newsletter) … The parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee discussed with the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq Martin Kobler issue directed by Iraq of large item VII as well as the political situation in Iraq and the region.

    Kobler said at the meeting: the United Nations Mission to continue with Iraqi-Kuwaiti Committee in order to reach solutions on Iraq of the output item VII to item VI, but keep this communication just effort because it’s not the mission, however, but help in this matter and there are positive signs.

    He added: we appreciate the importance of Iraq sought to get him out of item VII and we are making every effort to eject him.

    http://bit.ly/VWZ7Ip http://thecurrencynewshound.com/2012...-achieve-this/
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    COURTESY OF RED LILY :Of including Alshahyla and Maha League .. Urgent .. former Vice chest: beyond doubt .. Bahaa al-Araji, and three of the Sadrists involved in money laundering operations for the central bank auction!!

    Date: Monday 11/12/2012 11:17 am

    Independent MP in the House of Representatives Kazem Sayadi said the head of the parliamentary Liberal of the Sadrist movement Bahaa al-Araji, and three deputies from the bloc with two deputies from the Iraqi List, involved in money laundering operations in the central bank auction.

    Said Sayadi told him his press office has received "Jakoj" a copy of which said on Monday that "the findings of her committee responsible for monitoring the work of the Central Bank indicated that there is corruption in the sale of hard currency and insider and central bank's relationship with a number of MPs including MP [Jawad Alshahyla , Talal Zobaie, Bahaa al-Araji, Jamal Karbouli, Uday Awad, Maha league] involved with private banks and banking offices and remittances fake to import materials and articles, business and industrial, as well as the lack of clarity mechanisms scrutiny in money laundering operations the central bank and private banks. "

    He added that "Parliament finished the investigation on central bank policy and activities since 2003 and so far, noting that" involved the issue of central bank took advantage of the issue of ration card and clapped armament contracts for tattoo and lamenting the capabilities of the Iraqi people to draw attention from what they have done theft of public money " . according to the statement.

    Sayadi continued that "national duty which makes it imperative for the members of the parliament and the presidency is that people be appointed sergeant in charge and claim their rights instead stolen and used for access to private purposes."

    The House of Representatives discussed in its regular Tuesday after the holiday has lasted for more than twenty days central bank policy.

    The Shabibi, who was withdrawn his hand from the Department of the Central Bank and served as governor when issued warrant an arrest revealed today in a statement to [where] for possession of documents confirming the bank's success in his stable Iraqi currency and exchange rate announcing his return to Baghdad soon.

    The arrest warrant issued in suspended earlier, right Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi and a number of officials in the bank charges relating to corruption and financial manager, where there was international intervention and a local by the United Nations Mission in Iraq and the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, in addition to the intervention of the Presidency and some leaders of the blocks political, and demands for President of the Supreme Judicial Council Medhat al-Mahmoud intervene, and who was not aware of the arrest. "

    The Cabinet decided earlier assigned Chairman of the Board of Supreme Audit Abdul Basit Turki Department of the Central Bank of Iraq to succeed former Governor Sinan al-Shabibi.

    For his part, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in a press statement, said that "heads big fall issue of the Central Bank," adding that "the central bank governor refuses to let us know anything, one of the places monetary policy and sells dollars and stir the market and the dinar, while the government does not have any income basically, "he said.

    He pointed out that "Shabibi talking three years ago about the great imbalance in the central bank," noting that "no possesses expertise in the field of money and monetary policy, but abide by the constitution, which stipulates that the Council of Ministers responsible for monetary and fiscal policy," describing "intervention in the case of bank Central came after the devaluation of the dinar against the dollar. "

    Maliki noted that "the opponents of the House of Representatives, politicians and imams Friday in the country do not know the facts the issue of the central bank. He said.

    The accused cleric Moqtada al-Sadr Iraqi government
    interfering in the work of the central bank without a destination right, threatening the collapse of the country's economy. Said Sadr, according to a press statement received [where] a copy of "the country's economy is threatened and on the brink of collapse, especially after the intervention of prime minister job CBI unjustly or guidance or book Munir, "calling" the parliament to work to save the economy of Iraq. "


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