Non-Guru Observer, Number SIX

By: Bernie Besherse, CJ

There have been some recent guesses that there might be an RV on November 6, which is Election Day in the USA, or very shortly thereafter.

If this actually comes to pass, what could make it happen?

In Non-Guru Observer #5, my question was, “Did BS put Maliki in power in Iraq with the understanding that some of that 30% skimming of oil revenues by Maliki would be diverted to BS’s pockets, Joe’s pockets, and Hilary’s pockets?

Because BS is a Chicago politician, he is a power-broker, and any other deal for bending the laws so vigorishly to put Maliki in power would be unrealistic. ( Yes. The pun was deliberate. No apology offered.

On the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center, there was an invasion of the U.S. Embassy in Libya, and the Ambassador was murdered. Along with the Ambassador to Libya, other Americans also lost their lives. There was a phony excuse given by the pseudo-president, backed up by Hillary and Leon Panetta, that the attack was inspired by a movie trailer that criticized the prophet Mohammed. This is no longer believable because the movie trailer had not been out for very long nor had it received many viewings, but also because intelligence has shown that the planning for the attacks had begun long before the movie trailer was even published. It is my guess that there were many more people involved in the attacks than there had been viewings of the video. Especially when the attacks on Embassies occurred in several countries at once.

There are some good bits of history included in this video link.

The attack took place over many hours, not just a few minutes. In fact, the first warning was about an hour before the actual attack. The question has been asked if BS really did know what was going on. Communication, in this day and age, is almost instantaneous, regardless of where the senior government officials may be. Even if the president had been in Air Force One, he would have been completely in the loop on the events on the ground in Benghazi. The reports are, though, that BS was actually right there in the White House, in the situation room, watching as the murders took place, refusing to allow the guards and security personnel to protect the Ambassador.

Just watch the videos. Those who have been aware of my work in the past know that I am not political, and that I, like the SEAL’s father in the video below, cannot choose between the evil of two lessers. As I often tell people, The Eternal ONE is my King, and I cannot vote for a King. Quite obviously, the SEAL and his family are deeply religious people, and have a similar view of secular governments and a devotion to the protection of their fellow-man. You can see more about the family’s feelings in the video link below.

Some of us are old enough to remember Watergate (Nixon was impeached over Watergate) and the Iran-Contra Affair (Ollie “Super-Shredder” North was the fall-guy) when the weapons-drugs-

money triangle method for funding of black-budget operations was exposed. One big difference between Watergate and Benghazi-Gate is that Nixon was elected to his second term because the news about the break-in at the Watergate Hotel headquarters for the Democrat National Committee broke AFTER the election. Another big difference was that Nixon had to be impeached by congress (the opposite of progress) to get him out of the office of president. Because the news about Benghazi-Gate became public BEFORE the election, the people have a chance to use their ballot-box and avoid the long, drawn-out political theatrics of an impeachment proceeding.

The news on October 30 is that Talibani and the other Iraqi leaders have reached some agreements on critical issues and they are about ready to set a date for their National Meeting. This is GOOD news! If they actually announce that they will have a meeting, it will not mean very much. If they actually hold the meeting and all of the VIPs show up, then we have to wait until they come out of the meeting and announce that they have reached agreement on all of the issues. If they make this announcement, then publication in the Gazette is automatic, and once the announcement is in the Gazette for 24 hours, the switch will be flipped on the RV. We will see what we will see.

And now, today, 31 October 2012, three weeks after the Randy Koonce call, we still have no RV. On Oct 24, Newshound/Intel Guru BGG said that “assessment that Shabibi is guilty and going to face 7 years in jail is soooooooo stupid. Shabibi has plenty of support. The IMF put Shabibi in place. Obama put Maliki in place. …”.

Because most bullies are just sniveling weasels who have been handed enough power to make them feel safe in brutalizing others, when you take away their support or protection, they revert to sniveling weasels again.

It is very likely, then, that if/when the above-styled “Benghazi-Gate” causes the Pretender-in-Chief to fail in his bid to return his wingtips to the desk in the Oval Office, that Maliki will run for cover so he does not follow Saddam Hussein to his just rewards.

The RV has always been a Neo-Con thing, so we should be able to depend on an RV immediately after a Neo-Con win at the ballot box. Mainly because of the absence of Maliki and no support from a Lame Duck.

May the Almighty ONE give us the wisdom to use this blessing for the repair of the world.

Bernie Besherse, CJ

 As of any particular day, we still need to be watching for:

1. ANNOUNCEMENT of date and time of National Conference

2. ACTUAL ATTENDANCE at the National Conference by the VIPs

3. ANNOUNCEMENT by National Conference of the HCL, ERBIL, Etc.

4. Announcement PUBLISHED in the Gazette

5. At step #4, you can feel free to buy Dinar on lay-away, if you can, because within 24 hours, the switch on the RV will be flipped, either by Shabibi or by his successor.

6. The RV Rate MUST be sufficient to sustain the Iraq economy, which can easily be determined by calculating their budget and their oil revenues. It would be unthinkable to anyone except a public-schooled, Keynesian (socialist) economist to think that a country can continue to exist on a negative income-to-outgo balance. Especially when they have the resources to sustain the rate that is required. The rate must be $3.41 or greater. Most likely significantly (20%+) greater.