[poppy3] ok here is what i got tonight text to me. It is possible Shabibi is in Iraq but it has not been confirmed at this point ?? If there he did not use our SS for security which has been done several time lately by more and more leaders using private flights and security firms. Next no updates on why the large sums of money has been being ordered by many large banks . Ordering more than double the usual amounts for this time of the month. Next I was told one of the 5 people that maliki submitted to the IMF to run the CBI has been approved but only to oversee the day to day operations and THIS DOESNT MEAN THEY WILL OR WOULD EVERY LET THIS PERSON RV THE DINAR. THIS IS WHERE WE STAND AT THIS TIME PLUS WE EXPECT TO HEAR MORE UPDATES ON VN DONG TOMORROW . STAND BY WILL REPORT ANY CHANGE AS WE RECEIVE. POPPY3