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Revealed the Integrity Committee in the House of Representatives as "expose" all Iraqi official oldest on the appointment of his relatives in the embassies of Iraq in Arab and foreign countries, as revealed that one of the ministers in the current government oldest on the appointment of two brothers to him and five of his relatives in the embassies of several without passing Institute external service.

A member of the Committee Talal Zobaie in a news conference that the Parliamentary Integrity Committee found many Iraqi officials who were members of the House of Representatives and the ministers in the current government have to appoint their relatives in the embassies of several, although relatives have not passed Service Institute outside, and appointed a manner contrary to norms diplomatic approved. explained Zobaie that a minister in the current government appointed two brothers him and five of his cousins ​​in several embassies Iraqi, and the majority of appointees do not have competence and experience, but has been exploited position for the purpose of appointment of relatives explaining that the Integrity Commission and after the completion of investigations in this file will expose all a senior official on the set of his relatives in Iraqi embassies.

The Iraqi List, called on the tenth of October, to open a file mappings relatives officials in Iraqi embassies, arguing that there is corruption in this aspect, while confirming that the House of Representatives asked the State Department by providing the names of employees in those embassies. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki , revealed in the 23 of July, for information that some embassies operate for the benefit of parties and nationalities, calling ambassadors of clarity in Iraq's foreign policy.

It is noteworthy that the annual report of Transparency International in 2011, which included three Arab countries among the ten countries "most corrupt" in the world, Somalia, Iraq and Sudan, while considered the report of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates and Oman least corrupt among Arab countries, as the report showed that Somalia topped the most corrupt countries followed by Afghanistan, Myanmar and Iraq, Sudan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Chad, Burundi and Angola.