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    Sadoun: Parliament seeks to dismiss the officials appointed by Maliki proxy

    The time on Wednesday, October 24 1 / Okrudolf 2012 13:54 | |
    Baghdad / Orr News
    Discusses the parliament after Eid al-Adha bill ending management proxy government positions, in an attempt to prevent the appointment of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki close to him in the vacant positions.
    A member of the legal committee MP Mohsen al-Sadoun said that "the Commission completed its observations on the draft law ending granting proxy positions, and was supposed to discuss ahead of the Eid al-Adha but was postponed until after the holiday."
    He pointed out that "there are dozens of civilian government positions and security managed by proxy persons appointed by al-Maliki has been named to the Parliament and this is contrary to the Constitution. Highlighted these positions Hakepta defense and interior."
    He pointed out that "any government official leaves office for any reason the government appoints a replacement manages office proxy." and explained that "the last thing done by the government to appoint a replacement for the head of the Integrity Commission resigned Rahim Ugaili and the Mayor of Baghdad resigned Sabir al-Issawi." and added that "Parliament will put an end for this negative phenomenon through the enactment of the binding prevents granting proxy positions. "
    Article 61 of the Constitution stipulates that "those with special grades of staff appointed by the government in the upper echelons task, must display their names on the House of Representatives to get the confidence." and running dozens of civilian positions and security people manage their proxy, without the consent of Parliament.

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    Maliki: not entitled to the province or territory to object to the movement of the army

    The time on Wednesday, October 24 1 / Okrudolf 2012 14:46 | |

    Baghdad / Orr News
    Stressed Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that the movement of the army must be free on every inch of the land of Iraq is not entitled to the province or territory objection, describing the move Peshmerga in the disputed areas as legal and constitutional violation.
    He said in answering reporters' questions directed at him through the window to communicate with the media for the site mail to his press office: "The security file management functions and jurisdiction of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and Minister responsible for the security file."
    He said he was the division of responsibilities in the country to the leaders of operations in the provinces (Baghdad, Anbar and Nineveh provinces Euphrates and Basra) and all of the leadership of the mission of coordinating security effort between the pieces and the security services of the federal army and police, intelligence and national security. "
    He continued: "Therefore, the Tigris also Operations Command forces is not a new or additional also create enough about, and the tasks entrusted to it lies within the disputed areas under the command of three military teams (fourth, fifth and twelfth) in the three provinces."
    Maliki stressed that the leadership of the Tigris "do not target a component or a province or national but it is administrative and regulatory action within the constitutional powers."

    He said: "The formations teams and leaders operations and the movement of the army must be free on every inch of the land of Iraq is not entitled to the province or territory objection, because the duty of these formations is to protect national sovereignty, and that this action falls within the responsibility to protect national security from terrorism and sabotage" .
    He added: "When we formed simultaneously processes and Tigris Rivers did not object to the provinces of Samawah, Nasiriyah and Salahuddin, Diyala and Kirkuk but only, an objection has no legal basis."
    He continued: "The accusation fact that its leaders Baathist and others, it is unfortunate realize intended, even if they had trapped shapes that it would have been easy, but what was the reaction was continued movement army, while moving the Regional Guard forces in the disputed areas Although it legal and constitutional violation. "
    On the subject of armament contracts, Maliki expressed his regret "that the political bickering up to this point so that the objection to arm the Iraqi army charged with protecting Iraq's sovereignty of repeated violations or possible consequences of the events of the region."
    He said: "The Iraqi army has all the components of the Iraqi people under the supervision of an elected government."
    He said: "The armament defensive only within Iraq policy toward defensive action for sovereignty and not for the purpose of aggression and transgression, and we are within the Constitution and the government program which was approved by the House of Representatives are working to arm the Iraqi army what it needs to, however voices objecting not measured voices pro and welcoming ".

    He explained: "The objections talking about the illusion that this weapon will go to this or that party as was the case under the dictatorial rule of the Baath."
    With regard to the arrest warrant central bank governor, Maliki said: "It is no secret that many differences with the government of Directors of the Central Bank and has serious remarks about a lot of activity and monetary policy and otherwise."

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    Distribution of federal budget for 2013 on sectors

    Distribution of federal budget for 2013 on sectors


    BAGHDAD / JD / .. announced government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh that the Council of Ministers decided at its forty-sixth regular and held yesterday Tuesday 23 October 2012, approved a draft law the federal budget for 2013 of $ (138) trillion dinars, an increase of 18% from last year.
    Dabbagh said that the total federal income amounted to (119.3) trillion dinars were the result of calculating the revenues from export of crude oil at an average price (90) dollars per barrel and export capacity of up to (2.9) million barrels per day, including the quantity produced and exported of the Kurdistan region and the (250) thousand barrels per day, where will oil revenues this Development Fund for Iraq after deducting (5)% for war reparations Kuwait has reached the investment budget (55) trillion dinars and the operating budget (83) trillion dinars distributed to institutions, ministries and state bodies all will be allocation of public expenditures according to the rates of population after excluding allocations center of the Federal Ministry and sovereign expenditure as shown in the following table:.
    1 Security and Defense 19.86 trillion 14.37
    2 Education 12.71 trillion 9.2
    3 Power 29.45 trillion 21.31
    4 Environment and Health 6.82 trillion 4.94
    5 Services Social 17.7 trillion 12.81
    6 water, sewage and sanitation 4.2 trillion 3.04
    7 Transport and Communications 1.82 trillion 1.32
    8 agricultural sector 2.68 trillion 1.94
    9 industrial sector 1.71 trillion 1.24
    10 construction and housing 1.57 trillion 1.14
    11 Culture, Youth and clubs and federations 2.22 trillion 1.61
    12 Obligations international debt 10.3 trillion 7.45
    13 departments central and local public 12.76 trillion 9.24
    and Dabbagh said: So appreciate the budget deficit b (18.8) trillion dinars will be covered by cash retained from the budget in 2012 and the Development Fund for Iraq and domestic borrowing by the treasury transfers and external, as well as from the savings expected from the increased prices the sale of oil or increase production or borrowing from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, where will be empowered and Federal Minister of Finance the power to continue to borrow from the International Monetary Fund which complements the amount (4.5) billion and the World Bank which complements the $ (2) billion dollars during the year 2013 and of using human Special Drawing up to SDR (1.8) billion dollars to cover the projected deficit in the federal budget.
    Dabbagh said that the share of the Kurdistan region has reached (14.3) trillion dinars, ie (17)% of the total operating expenses and expenses of the investment projects of the general budget of the Federal Republic of Iraq ratified the Kurdistan region after excluding sovereign expenditure and will be settled dues between the Territory and the federal government for the years (2004 until 2012) and subsequent years after her audited by the Supreme Audit Federal coordination and cooperation with the Office of Financial Supervision of the territory no later than 15 October 2013.
    Dabbagh said the allocation amount (250) billion dinars as a reserve to the government and $ (7.2) trillion dinars for reconstruction projects and the development of regions and provinces, including the Kurdistan region to be spent according to plans the reconstruction of the province submitted by the governor and approved by the Council of the province to the Ministry of Planning Federal where will the conservative exclusively implement reconstruction plan approved The Council of the province responsible for overseeing the implementation may not make any transfers within these customizations between provinces will also be allocated (1.318) trillion dinars, called assignments petrodollars which the amount of dollars for each barrel of crude oil producer in the province or refined in refineries province and a dollar for every (150 ) cubic meters producer of natural gas in the province and the province to be used no more than (50)% of the allocations petrodollars to buy electric power and allocate revenues from visa to Iraq to visit the holy sites in 2012 for services visitors and infrastructure, according to the following schedule:
    40% Karbala 10% Baghdad / Kadhimiya 15% Saladin / Samarra, 25% of Najaf 10% Baghdad / Adhamiya
    and between-Dabbagh said the draft budget has included advertising in local newspapers for grades developed within owners in 2013 by the ministries and departments not associated with the Ministry where Priority will be given to install contracts exception of the age requirement for contractors in the past years to calculating the contract period as a service for the purposes of retirement and will be exempted of all citizens of the amount of interest on loans granted to them by the Land Bank, agricultural and housing fund and continue to grant these loans without interest to the citizens and by the souls of all the province and will bear Ministry Financial interest rate.
    Al-Dabbagh that the Iraqi government and to support the industrial sector and private sector mixed Like initiative agricultural will be lending to projects Iraqi Federation of Industries and the mixed sector without interest and bear the Ministry of Finance to pay interest to government banks and the Federal Minister of Finance reallocate the remaining funds and unspent amounts approved within the federal budget for the year 2012 and related damages provinces, cities and individuals affected to balance the beneficiary exclusively to conduct paid during 2013, an exception of the provisions (Section IV) of the Financial Administration Act and the Public Debt number (95) for the year 2004 and also has the right to use the approved amounts for the contingency reserve the payment of expenses emergency incidents and unexpected reduction (3) billion dinars each case either if the amount exceeds this limit must obtain the approval of the Federal Cabinet.
    Dabbagh said the Federal Minister of Finance in coordination with the Minister of Planning Federal will reallocate the amounts related to the projects Emaar and assigning provinces (( Baghdad (Sadr and torch), Basra, Diyala and Nineveh)), which was launched amounts in the form of advances in 2008 for the purpose of adjustments Agaydip them within the budget in 2013 without incurring the actual exchange as well as the reallocation of revenue actually in land border ports, sea and air, including sovereign revenues During the year 2011 to balance the border provinces both by revenue actually at border crossing points in that province with priority rehabilitation and reconstruction of the border crossing points of each province.
    Dabbagh said that the Minister of Planning to provide the rate of implementation of investment projects for each ministry or entity is linked to the Ministry to Council of Ministers in the absence of the implementation of a rate (25%) of the allocations of each project through the (6) months from the adoption of the budget For the Minister of Finance, in coordination with the Minister of Planning to report to the Council of Ministers to determine the causes of failure and the House of Representatives questioning the minister or the head of the non-related to the Ministry Failure to implement a rate (60%) of the investment allocations for the ministry or his department from the Federal budget.
    Dabbagh said that the Federal Cabinet will add allocations to federal budget for 2013, when achieved an increase in revenue from exports of crude oil exported through the first six months of This year for the payment of planned deficit budget and securing funds for investment projects of the Ministry of Electricity after approval by the Ministry of Planning Federal addition to amounts imported electricity and reimburse the private sector before 09/04/2003 and loans granted by the government banks for salaries of employees of public companies for 2010, 2011 and 2012 The loans granted by the government banks to buy barley crop for 2010 and amounts to support the affected governorates (Diyala and Nineveh) and the amounts of census general population and bear the Ministry of Finance the amount of interest the (4%) of the total loans granted to the project بسماية residential. / end / / 22

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    In response to the "rule of law": "Iraqi" and "Liberal bloc" call for the resignation of Maliki to form a majority government policy
    Posted 24/10/2012 01:04 PM

    BAGHDAD - "arenas of liberation"
    parties reached participate in the government to believe that the national meeting which called him President Jalal Talabani to contain the political crisis will not be able to settle existing differences, فجدد coalition "state law" led by Nuri al-Maliki to form a majority government political in case of failure upcoming meeting.
    MP said the "rule of law" on Alfalh: "We are ready for all options, including the formation of a majority government political if we had to, it could not President Talabani convince Iyad Allawi and Massoud Barzani to attend the meeting for the purpose of making recommendations to resolve the outstanding issues and the adoption of the Constitution."
    In response to a wave of Maliki's coalition demanded "Liberal bloc" actress of the Sadrist movement resignation Maliki to form a majority government policy.
    In this context said the leadership in the "Liberal" MP Prince Kanani: "You must submit Prime Minister Maliki resign and then leaves the choice of the President in the selection of an alternative either of existing or from outside the political components and costs to form a government, and we support that personal economic. "
    Prince Kanani
    "Iraq," led by Iyad Allawi stipulated are other resignation Maliki then head towards the Government of political majority, and MP Ahmed electrodes to adopt legal rules to achieve this option: "requires the formation of a majority government political constitutionally and legally resignation current government, then negotiations to assign a new prime minister to form Government majority. "
    media adviser to Prime Minister Ali al-Moussawi pointed to the government's keenness to hold national meeting out with positive results to settle the dispute between Baghdad and Erbil, and reach an agreement unified resolve problems related to the political system: "It must be oriented towards meeting the national to settle the dispute between the parties participating in the government for the purpose of solving problems between the center and the province, and the other relating to state building elaborate standard agreement on the political system, and this would require a sincere intention. "
    Despite the announced on get convergence between the political parties to overcome the crisis and
    confirm Office of the Presidency of the Republic held a meeting of the three presidencies after holiday Eid, ruled out of the "change" splinter party "Patriotic Union of Kurdistan," led by Talabani exit meeting with positive results, according to the leader of the Movement for the spectrum Mustafa: "President Talabani has a magic wand to resolve the outstanding differences over the constitution and the nature of the relationship between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region and the agreement of Arbil and benefits Iraqi List, achieving balance and served as Department of Defense, and other issues because of the political crisis broke out and established in the absence of trust, and will continue until the end of the age of the current government. "

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    Abdullah al-Jubouri: there is a glimmer of hope to resolve differences at the national meeting
    24-10-2012 10:36 AM

    Solution -
    According to MP / coalition in Iraq / Abdullah al-Jubouri, the existence of 'gleam' hope to resolve differences during the national meeting, pointing to the existence of the impossibility of forming a majority government.

    Jubouri said: that the majority government held crisis at the moment but if it formed a majority government before the formation of this government to resolved all differences, but at the present time it is impossible to form.

    The MP said the coalition in Iraq: that in case of failure of the national meeting, it means a
    scheme in order to lose time [MALIKI BUYING TIME]and a real recognition of the failure of the government of national partnership. [THIS IS ALWAYS GONNA BE THE PROBLEM... THERE IS NO PARTNERSHIP WITH MALIKI... SO VOTE HIM OUT]

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    Kurdistan Regional Government delegation visits Barzani results of his visit to Baghdad

    Wednesday, October 24 1 / Okrudolf 2012 19:29
    [Erbil - where]Met the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani today in the resort of Salahuddin with Imad Ahmed, Vice President of the Kurdistan Regional Government and the members of the delegation that visited Baghdad to discuss outstanding problems between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the federal government.A statement by the PUK office received and all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that "head of the delegation Emad Ahmed results delegation visit the Kurdistan Regional Government and talks with officials in the federal government about the budget year 2013 and share the Kurdistan region of this budget and the issue of allocation of the Peshmerga forces and the law oil and gas. "The Vice President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, according to the statement to "note that was signed with the officials in the federal government," stressing that "will be invited ministers and deputies of the Kurds for a meeting devoted to the discussion of these issues."He added that "the President of the Kurdistan region the price of the delegation's visit to Baghdad, and considered necessary in order to resolve outstanding issues between the federal government and the Kurdistan region."It was a few days ago ended the two delegations of the Kurdistan region to visit Baghdad after they held a series of meetings with government and political parties in the visit and described from several points to "positive."And experiencing the relationship between Baghdad and Erbil tension continues the disagreements political, constitutional and some outstanding issues, notably the contracts oil province and management of oil wealth and material [140] of the Constitution for the normalization of the situation in the disputed areas and management of border crossings, airports and arming the Peshmerga forces, and other administrative powers and legal. Ended .

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