Dabbagh: financial receivables settlement between the province and the center no later than 15 \ 10 \ 2013
11:07:23 / 10/2012
Ali al-Dabbagh - Photo - archive

Khandan - announced government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh that the Council of Ministers decided at its forty-sixth regular and held, Tuesday, October 23, 2012, approved a draft law the federal budget for 2013 of $ (138) trillion dinars, an increase of 18% from a year past.

Dabbagh said in a statement, that the share of the Kurdistan region has amounted to (14.3) trillion dinars, ie (17)% of the total operating expenses and expenses of the investment projects of the general budget of the Federal Republic of Iraq ratified the Kurdistan region after excluding sovereign expenditure.

Al-Dabbagh said that he will settle dues between the Territory and the federal government for the years (2004 until 2012) and subsequent years after her audited by the Supreme Audit Federal coordination and cooperation with the Office of Financial Supervision of the territory no later than 15 October 2013.

Dabbagh said the allocation of the amount of $ (7.2) trillion dinars for reconstruction projects and the development of regions and provinces, including the Kurdistan region.

Dabbagh said that the total federal income amounted to (119.3) trillion dinars were the result of calculating the revenues from export of crude oil at an average price (90) dollars per barrel and export capacity of up to (2.9) million barrels per day, including the quantity produced and exported from the territory of Kurdistan and the (250 ) thousand barrels per day.