Hadi Nada al-Maliki

Again located the Iraqi judiciary victim procedures Integrity Commission and the Committee on Parliamentary Integrity without knowing whether this measure intended or deliberate or coordination with the judiciary until we have become accustomed in every issue relating to peace and security and the national economy and it is not clear that this will be the case is the latest in a string of scandals escape or rather wanted to eliminate smuggling of senior government officials from the grip of justice to begin after series of accusations and without justification to stop when one of these strange coincidences and exotic escape ministers, parliamentarians and senior government officials.

And the issue of the central bank and its chairman Sana Shabibi "Regardless of whether the man is innocent or corrupt" issue is not much different from its predecessors of the issues that affected many criminals and killers of deputies, ministers and high places in terms of the script and the timing and evolution of the issue dramatically to mount and take turn issuing notes and arrested the accused or required before the measure Committee press conference Parliamentary Integrity announces discovered stunning provocative manner intended class basis miscarriage and defamation then comes the statements that denies what the words of the Chairman of the Committee on Parliamentary Integrity gallant and it was unfortunate announcing and exceeded the powers and he was in a hurry and so of justifications and lies and justification, and the only thing that is different in the case of Shabibi on issues that preceded it is that the announcement of a memorandum raising the hand starting and then issue a warrant for the arrest came at a time is still the man out of Iraq, while issued arrest warrants against others are in Iraq, and therefore it does not need to accompany Khudair Khuzaie to Baghdad airport for up to Kurdistan and then choose the country who would like to live in. wreathed cave splendor and millions looted and salaries continued, and as happened in the case of al-Hashemi and Daini and Janabi and al-Dulaimi and the list goes on and exposure.

It may be Shabibi exceptional case in all cases managed by the Iraqi government and the judiciary and the Commission Parliamentary Integrity and Integrity Commission to pass their agendas and laugh at the beards of the Iraqi people simple through and turn the victim into a criminal and out of the failure dressed victor because the man supported by several parties, both internal and external first and he succeeded in achieving economic stability balanced without additional major breakthroughs while maintaining a fixed exchange rate almost the Iraqi dinar during the last period II and he owns of clues and evidence which condemns the Maliki government, such as trying to borrow from the reserve force if ignoring by the head of government on a number of corrupt Central Bank who belongs to his list.

I think Shabibi will return to Iraq to defend himself and his innocence and will come out in one of two goals innocence full or deal saving face and prestige government crumbling and that was the best of the Hbibi that respects history and professionalism and reject all deals that undermine the history and professionalism and efficiency, for he is able to go out victorious from this confrontation , may be the position Shabibi boundary between government continues miscarriage and approach between putting an end to all tricks in the smuggling of prisoners, criminals and endless.