Talk about the sacking of Central Bank governor for refusing to give the government $ 63 billion

21-10-2012 10:46 AM

A source from the Integrity Commission Parliamentary that 'dismissal Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi reacted refusing lending Maliki government $ 63 billion from the Bank reserves'. The source, who preferred not to be named, said 'money it wanted the government was to be smuggled to Iran and Syria, to solve the problem of Iran economic and support the Syrian government to end the revolution of the Syrian people against the Assad regime. 'and between the source in his statement to the newspaper 'term' to 'Shabibi had requested earlier in the prime minister sacked four employees in the bank, and they Director of the Legal Department and Director Department of Economic Development and Director of money laundering and director of banks, declined to Nuri al-Maliki request because of the proximity Oolaik staff it. ' and confirmed a member of the Integrity Committee in the Parliament MP for mass citizen Aziz Ugaili that 'Integrity Committee demanded that discussed the issue Shabibi before the Eid holiday and the end of the legislative term, but there was delay in the matter called on parliament to postpone the debate after the holiday '. explained Ugaili in a statement to the same newspaper yesterday that 'Chapter IV of the Constitution PROCEDURE numbered from 102 to 108 systems work bodies and how to deal with it, and Article 103 states clearly on the independence of the central bank, and be accountable to the House of Representatives, and is linked to the BSA, and Communications and Media Commission House, too, but what are working on government is to link all these bodies, and this demolition of the foundations of democracy '. pointed Ugaili that 'the government's plans to link independent bodies began long ago long while dismissed Judge Rahim Ugaili from his position as head of the Integrity Commission and charges him and replaced with another person is, however, the government, and then was massaging 124 charge for the President of the Electoral Commission Faraj al-Haidari and his removal from office, and this is what is happening now with Shabibi from fabrication of the charges and it his dismissal and the installation of replaced and be up to the government for control of the central bank '. added Ugaili that 'this way of dealing with the heads of independent bodies is (pitcher permission) by the government to deal with their whoever replaces their place, and this is proof that the democratic system is in great danger.