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Vice-Nujaifi is opposed to the law, "Talabani" Balsain "to preserve the legacy of the Baath"
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19 1 / OKRUDOLF 2012 14:51
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Twilight News / criticized Vice President of the Council of Representatives of Iraq Aref Tayfur, Friday, opponents of the law redrawing the administrative boundaries of the provinces submitted by President Jalal Talabani, returned these opponents as "seeking to preserve the legacy of the outlawed Baath party."

Said Tayfur said in a statement issued by his office received " Twilight News "copy of" in order to remove the last traces of ugly to the Baath buried and reverse the decisions of the former regime under a policy of demographic change and manipulate unfair administrative boundaries of all governorates of Iraq, which targeted citizens in order to control and pressure on them. "

Tayfur added that "we therefore support the enactment of the re-demarcation of the border of the provinces and administrative regions covered by Article 140 sent by the President of the Republic to the House of Representatives."

He Tayfur that "we will work to be included in the Council's agenda for a vote because constitutional and legal action in accordance with the provisions of the first item of Article 61 and Article III of Article 73 of the Constitution."

Tayfur said that "the law will not weaken the unity of Iraq, as others claim will restore the boundaries of these provinces to what it was before the year 1968 to achieve justice and the return of districts and sub-districts withheld."

The Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives that "the law helps to find appropriate solutions for files and outstanding issues between the local governments in the provincial councils."

Tayfur pointed out that "those who oppose this law seeking all their efforts to preserve the legacy of the outlawed Baath party in order to create problems and prevent stability to prevent the provision of security and services to all regions of Iraq and they do not want the good of the Iraqis."

He was President Jalal Talabani made in October of 2011 a bill to Parliament to redraw administrative boundaries of the provinces covered by Article 140 of the Constitution to what it was before the change.

The proposal provides for Talabani to cancel all decrees of the former regime on the administrative border of the cities and towns and return to normal before 1968, the year when the Baath Party came to power in Iraq.